Springtime Wedding Quick Tips

Springtime Wedding Quick Tips

Indulge in the FUN of adding colorful, lively, fresh details to your Wedding Plans!  Let the season of Springtime inspire!


Options for theme colors for a Springtime Wedding are ENDLESS!! Take your time browsing online or even in stores, to see what hues catch your eye.  Don't be afraid to get playful as you mix and match on your quest to discover which colors really pop - nailing down this little detail will go a long way with your overall wedding plans!

Consider a pastel palette! It quickly says "Spring" and is also a convenient way to bring in a sense of the Rainbow, if you like.

Watercolor-splashed Invitations, Programs, Signage and personalized Keepsakes: Watercolors offer that subdued look, the beautiful sweep of springtime is inferred. You can still choose any variety of particular colors you like, but the watercolor effect will bring subtlety and elegance to your designs!

Adding Natural Accents with your Theme Colors to Apparel & Accessories:  Floral bouttoinneires, hair ornaments and crowns trimmed with buds, crystals, leaves and boughs... colored patterns on your tie, kerchief, shirt, jacket lining, socks or shoes.



Chat with your caterer and dessert vendors about imaginative ways to include lots of veggies and fruits, to keep the menu fresh, light and seasonal. Here are some mouth-watering ideas!

Roasted Shrimp & Orzo Pasta: Served cool, this flavorful pasta is colorful and offers a refreshing mix of flavors! The rice-based orzo brings a healthier and GF note. Roasted shrimp, orzo, cucumber, red onion, feta and your choice of spice blend. Can also add tofu squares or diced green peppers.

Breakfast Indulgence: A brunch feast is common for springtime garden weddings. Thick, luscious french toast with a selection of toppings - YUM!  Bananas, seasonal berries, hand-whipped fluffy cream, freshly churned cinnamon butter, indulgent maple syrup... Served with eggs and bacon, turkey sausage, vegetarian sausage - delicious! Offer your guests a Beverage Station, where they can choose pineapple, orange or grapefruit, along with choice of steaming teas or undeniably fresh coffee... and you've got yourselves a winning menu!

Lemon Curd Tart or invidually served Tartlets: Scrumptious! The zing of lemon always seems to shout "Springtime!" And the brightness of color in these tarts is sure to delight. Top with candied lemon peels... or get more creative by adding edible flowers... or a modest mix of candied berries to mix up the vibrancy: one edible green leaf, one purple blackberry, one red raspberry, one blueberry, one candied orange peel and you've got the entire rainbow!

Salmon: Baked, steamed, roasted, seared... Seasoned with olive oil and garlic, or mustard, or coarse black pepper, or a maple syrup drizzle, or a raspberry glaze... Consider serving with inventive side dishes to make this classic favorite something new!

Salad Station: Offering interactive cuisine stations is fun and provides your guests with the opportunity to choose based on their own tastes. Discuss with your caterer ways to be conservative with the anticipated portion sizes: this will be a budget-saver and help ensure food is not wasted.

Beverage Stations: Smoothies, Mocktails, Teas, Coffees... These marry so well with afternoon celebrations set in the spring! Consider an assortment of juices or punch, along with fresh infusions that guests can add as they like: lime / orange / lemon / cucumber wheels... melon balls... sprigs of mint, sage or basil... cherries... blackberries and strawberries... pineapple wedges... edible flowers...



An interactive Keepsake Station! Offer a variety of florals and invite guests to create their own 'Takeaway Bouquet.' -This one is always a hit, particularly if you include blooms that are the same as those spotlighted in your ceremony bouquets and reception centerpieces. Remember that the vases can be personalized with custom labels or painted by you and your sweetie as a stress-reliever as you prepare for the Big Day... or they can be repurposed - consider scavenging used vases or vase-like containers at thrift shops, etc.

A Smaller Guest Count? Consider tiny houseplants as keepsake giveaways! A small potted plant will serve as a long-lasting reminder of your special celebration. -And remember, you can always just give this very special favor to specific guests such as: wedding attendants, family, and select vendors such as your officiant, wedding designer, etc.

Flower Seed Packets are still a lovely take-away gift! A rustic basket or tin display container, filled with varied seed packets all with a customized label from you & your sweetie... offered with a vision of LOVE BLOOMING! It's a sweet and thoughtful way to extend the beauty of Your Special Day.



An archway, ceremony backdrop or floral wall adorned with vibrant blossoms is always wonderful... but here are some additional ways to include flowers and natural elements in to your decor!

*Hanging florals, greenery, or latticed branches is an easy way to Accent Your Spaces from ABOVE. -Encourage your guests to look up... and fill out your event space with delightful natural highlights. Hanging rustic lighting or fabrics adds one more layer of flair!

*Shrubs of Blooms along aisles or pathways, instead of petals or smaller bouquets. Twinkle lights are easily hidden within the leaves for nighttime wonder.

*Entryway Majesty: Let everyone enter in style! Ask your floral designer to dress up the main doorframe with cascading ivy, select blossoms of your choice, wood elements or streaming fabric.

*On a floral budget? Dangling FLOWER BUDS, hung individually in a select area, can create an eye-catching and whimsical accent.

*Framing with Flowers: Add blossoms or garlands around signage, seating charts, artwork, etc to keep the theme going!

*And remember to include florals in to your celebration not just because of color, but because they are actually your favorite blooms... or because these particular blossoms were present at the front doorstep of your first apartment together... or because the particular flower represents a quality that you highly value, or wish to infuse in to your marriage. Learn more about the "language of flowers" with a quick click:



Your Springtime Wedding will remind everyone of the inherent beauty of "fresh starts..." Build on this as you finish up your celebration!

A Dove Release, or Butterfly Release, is still an organically meaningful way to close your reception and send you and your new spouse 'off into the sunset.' There are other choices as well, especially if the idea of using live animals brings you pause.

Color Bombs and Sparklers: Still all the rage! In your fabulous chosen wedding colors, or in all the hues of the LGBTQ+ rainbow!

Flower Petals: Vintage and classic! Just be sure the aisle your guests create for you is narrow, so those petals find their way over your heads without much effort!

Ribbon wands: These work so well for an afternoon send-off, and especially for weddings with a garden-oriented or whimsical theme. Long strands of varied ribbon can be thick or thin, and even personalized with your names and special date for a take-away keepsake. Ribbons can be attached to a branch or thin dowel, but guests can also just hold the end of the ribbon for an even easier option.


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