Ice Sculptures - cool enhancements for your wedding decor

RainbowWeddingNetwork's 'Same Love Same Rights' (TM) ice sculpture at recent LGBTQ+ Wedding Expo

Summer's Heating Up! How about some new ideas for ICE SCULPTURES just to cool down and freshen your inspiration for Wedding Decor??

Ice Sculptures are an eye-catching way to add a center focal point to your reception decor. They can be breathtaking works of art, fun & unique additions to your wedding theme, or functional display pieces.


Two interlocked rainbow hearts make for a fabulous centerpiece, or a trans- flag or a monogram... but why not consider a piece that is relevant to your theme or likes as a couple, such as a mega-sized treble clef, a hockey trophy or a roulette wheel for a casino-themed wedding, or a flamboyant ice mask for a masquerade ball...? Remember to ask your artist for their creative input: accent additions to your ice sculpture can be just as exciting as the main piece! -Extra side containment vessels (with lighting of course) for use in displaying decor such as LGBTQ+ flags, faux lighted tree branches or other faux florals... Unique water features... Intricately designed candleabras (faux candles, to avoid any extra heat)... Mini-sculptures to build on the central idea of the main artwork (such as carved figures of you & your partner dancing beside your newly shared last name...)

Remember, back-lit or up-lit works carved in ice are spectacular... but your sculptor can also infuse colors within the ice itself. Any hues of the rainbow are possible.

Another artistic option is to place vibrant blossoms within the ice so that their natural beauty is on display - this provides a gorgeous and unique way to add floral accents in to your decor. Fruit wheels -such as watermelon or pineapple- are also a lovely method to accent icy bowls or centerpieces: infusing the artistry of Mother Nature in to your designs!


Considering a selection of crafted beer or bottled sodas at your celebration? Customize the Bottle Holder with an ice sculpture: keep the drinks at a wonderfully chilled temperature while displaying with finesse & flair.

Shot glasses, beer mugs (or root beer float mugs!) made out of ice are also an entertaining way to serve beverages.

Fountains - A beautiful and interactive feature that allow your guests to enjoy serving themselves!

Display Ice... within Ice! An artistically rendered ice dispenser alongside your fountain is another fun added feature. Remember, there are endless ways to shape the ice cubes: monogram letters, symbolic triangles, totems that are meaningful to you and your partner, etc.


Multi-tiered showcase displays are perfect for hors d'ouevres such as fruit or cheeses, for main course selections including seafood, or for dessert arrangements. Carved artistically, the frozen containers for food can be shaped as giant shells, fish, fruit, cupcakes or whatever else you might envision.

Towers that actually encase culinary selections, such as chilled shrimp, can rise magnificently as a centerpiece and then loosely 'dispense' fresh items in to the lower ice bowl. Let gravity (and art!) do the serving!

Dessert displays are interactive and fun: Indulge your guests with a rainbow of ice pops or gelato... an ice cream or frozen yogurt sundae bar... a serve-yourself cookie bar complete with varied frostings, cookie dough fillings and endless multi-colored sprinkles or candy toppings... a snow cone bar with a spectrum of juices and syrups to choose from... all chilled and displayed within an intricate, multi-tiered buffet carved out of ice, or slick frosted dessert bar accented with mini-sculptures to match your overall decor.


Going for a Wintry Theme, or Whimsical Fairytale Wedding?

How about a custom Ice Wall... or Hanging mini-sculptures of ice, dangling in a curtain backdrop for photos or behind the couple's reception table? Dangling icy snowflakes? Tiny Pride triangles frosted and twinkling in backlit rainbow colors? Simple hanging icicles? -Disney could do no better!

YES, an ice castle, ice castle, ice castle!  This can be a stand-alone piece, or provide nooks and crannies for your guests to find hidden take-away favors... or a stylized decorative work with mementos displayed that highlight aspects of your unique love story:  framed photos... the locket your sweetie gave you on the anniversary of your first date... a mini- street sign of the address of your first apartment together...  a single rose because that's the flower you gave your beloved when you proposed...

And be sure to consider an interactive Snow Table for the kids! -An ice-laden rectangular basin or large sculpted container, filled (and replenished throughout your celebration) with shaved ice... Add a bowl of props alongside: a few small carrots, black buttons, mini knit caps & scarves, tiny branches... Invite your guests, young & old, to create their own snow-people and join in your seasonal theme!  (And of course if replenishing the shaved ice is too labor-intensive, switch it out for white molding clay.  Be sure to include wintry cookie cutter designs to add to the fun:  snowflakes, gingerbread people cutouts, stars, etc.)

Let ICE inspire your CREATIVITY... and Have Fun adding to the wonder of your decor ideas!




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