Winter Decor - 5 Natural Accent Ideas!

Winter Decor - 5 Natural Accent Ideas!

Winter Weddings are here! What a wonderful time of year to find ways to include Natural Accents in to Your Own Special Celebration!  Whether your ceremony is weeks away... or a year or two in the future --- Read on for 5 Easy Tips to add to the festive polish of your festivities! 


Wire birds' nest - For use as a ring pillow, table decor accent, or hanging keepsake:
These can certainly be bought at a craft store or online... but they are also super easy to make yourself!

You'll need:
*10-15 yards of medium gauge wire (silver, gold, copper... any color you like to match your wedding theme!)
*Assortment of beads (make sure the holes are larger than the wire gauge size!)
*Larger bead or crystal
*Ribbon, small embellishments as you like (monograms, stylized totems, small inspirational accents)
*Wire cutters / pliers
*Glue gun
*Small piece of fluff, tulle or fabric to line bottom of nest
Total Cost app. $10-15

Unwind wire, make sure to stretch out any kinks.  IMPORTANT: Keep a 2-3 inch length free at the end... then begin to wrap the wire loosely around your finger or thumb... about five times to make a small base. Then turn the base upside down (so that the 2-3 inch tail hangs down) and then wrap the wire in larger circles around the base, so that the nest gets larger and larger as you build upwards. As you wrap these larger circles, you must weave the wire in with the earlier rotations, or the wire will just unwind. It's also more realistic to make some rotations loose and some tighter. Begin adding a bead here and there, and also weaving in a ribbon or two to add unique color and beauty to your design. Tuck the end of the wire safely in to an earlier rotation so that it does not stick out when used. Place tulle, fabric or fluff at the bottom of the nest to create a holding space for your rings, or to nestle in a little embellishment such as a badge with the words "Love Prevails" if the nest is to be a decor item. To finish the design, hang a large crystal or bead on to the 2-3 inch tail at the bottom of the base. Curve over that end of the wire with the pliers to hook it safely back under. This hanging crystal or bead is a beautiful detail if the nest is to be used as a ring pillow or a hanging keepsake!


Ever considered a bouquet train?  If your apparel doesn't lend itself to a formal train... or you don't want to wear one b/c it's not your style (or for whatever reason!)... it's fun to consider adding an extended length of colored tulle or other fabric to your handheld bouquet, so that it presents a nod to the tradition, along with a sense of motion forward, as you proceed down the aisle and into your next chapter as the spouse of your beloved. Choosing an organic color such as pumpkin or copper, or a wintry hue such as silver, or a textured fabric (embroidered perhaps with an elegant snowflake design) - is an easy way to add another hint of natural charm to your celebration.


De-Stress with Trendy Ink Stampers:
Add accents to simple paper napkins, or your wedding program or menu. This is an easy way to get crafty as you prep for Your Special Day... and save a little money along the way!

You'll need:
*Plain paper napkins, programs, menus or other essentials you plan to include in your celebration
*Ink pad/s
*Rubber stamps
*Stamp cleaning supplies

Look online or at your local craft store for rubber stamps that feature swirling floral designs, monograms, candles, etc. Choose ink pads to match your wedding colors, or go with basic colors (black, white, gold) as you prefer, to set a tone. Be sure the ink colors you choose will work well with the paper items you've picked out. Consider a swooping floral pattern at the top corner of your napkin, program or menu. Add a monogram, emblem or themed graphic such as a double candle, intertwined hearts, or lovebirds as a central image stamped in to your design work. Have fun getting creative!

(Be sure to take time to set up your crafting area in advance, with scrap paper or an alternative to protect your tabletop.  Ink can get messy and is permanent!)


Easy Accent Decor:
Enjoy an afternoon of shopping therapy... a little break from the wedding planning! Visit your local shops during discount days for holiday ornaments that are packaged in bulk. With a little persistence, you can find rainbow colored glittery spheres, wooden snowflakes, faux botanicals such as holly or evergreens, and other shapes and styles to suit the theme of your own wedding celebration. Pick up some spray paint, glitter, unique confetti (there's all kinds of shaped confetti these days that can easily match your theme) then head home and decorate any or all of these wooden or styrofoam treasures with paint and bling. (If the ornaments are plastic, be sure the paint you choose will apply successfully!) Match your wedding colors, add twine or ribbon as necessary to hang... or simply plan to add your crafty creations on a bed of accent fabric draped around the more formalized centerpieces on each of your reception tables. Super budget-friendly!


Keeping the Send-Off Eco-friendly:
Sure, sparklers and rainbow-colored smoke bombs are all the rage for your final appearance as you leave your reception festivities... but if you're striving to include natural elements you might consider a more traditional approach. Instead of a rice toss, or birdseed toss, provide your guests with dried lavender, rose petals, or other botanicals. These can easily be presented in several rustic (and seasonally decorated) baskets for guests to take freely as they await your grand exit. Happy Honeymooning!



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