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Find Gay-Friendly Wedding Professionals

Find screened gay-friendly professionals in your area by selecting a location from the drop down below.


Featured Members

  • Unity Church in FrederickUnity Church in...www.unityfrederick.orgUnity is an extremely positive approach to life, celebrating the good in all creation. God is Spirit, expressing in and through all. You are welcome here. Unity welcomes in dignity and love, people of all religions, races, social backgrounds, life styles and economic levels.
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  • Rev. Alberta EatonRev. Alberta Eatonwww.revalbertaeaton.comRev. Alberta Eaton is an ordained minister of Spiritual Science who has worked with people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds since 1998. She offers an organized, dependable service, creating each ceremony based on her discussions with the couple and working with them on changes until the ceremony is exactly as they envision it.  She also directs and coordinates the bridal party at the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding.
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