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Canadian born and raised, I am Kate, the owner of Xeno Designs. I moved to Golden, Colorado in 1986 to complete my Masters of Science degree in Economic Geology at the Colorado School of Mines.  Shortly after moving to Colorado, I met a jeweler, who became my teacher, mentor and friend. After a number of years in training, I left my career as a geologist to become a goldsmith.

I relish the opportunity to incorporate geologically-interesting gemstones into fluid, contemporary pieces. Honoring the vision of my clients is an integral part of the design and building process, in their one-of-a–kind, custom pieces.

The Process

I use both fabrication and lost-wax casting methods to create a piece of jewelry.  I work in both gold and silver, and strive to accommodate both aesthetics and functionality.  I want my work to be not only beautiful, but enduring.  I am able to work with, and repurpose, heirloom gemstones, or find exactly the right stone(s) for your custom pieces.

 We Meet and Discuss Your Desired Design

I will meet with my clients and as we discuss what you would like, I am sketching, measuring, and taking notes.   I often meet with my clients a number of times, to have them choose gemstones or other materials, approve designs, and discuss cost. However, if your location or schedule does not allow for this, we can discuss details through video chat, email and/or telephone conversations.    Designs evolve a number of ways: through design components desired by my client, through functionality needs, and often by the existing gemstones and building materials I will need to use.

Design Prototype for Visualization

Typically, a piece is built around the gemstones or a defining design element , to the scale or size desired.  As a result, I am able to show you a prototype of your ring, in the form of a wax carving, prior to casting, or a drawing to scale with your gemstones, so that you will be able to visualize the final piece of jewelry before you agree to it’s production.

Develop and Finalize Piece

Everything I do is made by hand, with great attention to detail.  With fabrication, I am building the piece with sheet, wire, and other components, typically using my torch and solder, and then setting stones and polishing.  Casting is a multi-stage task, involving carving a wax model, making a temporary mold, pouring the molten metal, and then proceeding to additional building, stone setting, and polishing. Both forms of production are effective, but each produces a different type of final form.

 Deliver Your Custom Jewelry

This is probably my favorite phase of the see my clients' faces when they see, for the first time, their finished piece.  What this job allows me to do, is to design artwork specifically for my clients that is meaningful to them and can be worn forever.


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