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Whistle And Tins: The Traveling Bar & Cafe

North Haledon, New Jersey


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We are a local New Jersey beverage focused catering company with years of experience in the hospitality industry.  We travel to any location across New Jersey and parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.  Our team provides everything needed to set up the ideal bar & barista station for any remote location.  We offer the following services: the mobile bars, glassware and all the bar essentials you can typically find at cocktail bars & cafes.
Just a reminder: We do not provide the alcohol; however upon booking we do provide a detailed quantity liquor, beer and wine list tailored to your event. We do offer the convenience of placing the order for you, pick up & delivery. Our pricing/quote is tailored to each event specifically with careful consideration of mileage, travel time, labor hired, attendee count to name a few. 
Whistle And Tins only uses the freshest & organic ingredients available for our cocktails. All of our citrus is juiced on the same day of each event.  
    • Our coffee is single origin coffee, carefully selected and roasted to order right here in New Jersey. 
    • Whistle And Tins, LLC is fully covered. 
  • We have Liquor Liability Insurance and General Commercial Liability Insurance.
  • Our insurance agency will provide a certificate for a specific event date. Name of company/host, address & date is required to list "venue"-event for coverage.
  • 12 plus years of bartending experience and Bartender Licensed from credited bartender school.
  • Whistle And Tins staff are ServSafe, TIPS and NYS ATAP certified. A state certification to safely serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Our staff is also Food Handler certified
  • Our team is professional with a flare of fun.  
  • Spirits, beer & wine quantity list provided upon booking & after consultation. Host of the event is responsible for alcohol purchase.
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