LGBTQ+ Wedding Trends 2024

LGBTQ+ Wedding Trends 2024

Many trends for LGBTQ+ weddings are not necessarily changing in 2024: Priorities such as authenticity, customized details, a commitment to personal style, interactivity and a focus on gathering together purposefully: these continue to be at the heart of LGBTQ+ celebrations.

In fact, when reading through general wedding predictions for the New Year, it seems that the hetero- market is just sort-of catching up with regard to the priorities LGBTQ+ couples have deemed important all along. And those are definitely trending for 2024! -Authenticity, tweaking traditions to retain meaningfulness yet add to the personalized touches, interactive experiences, a focus on gratitude. We've compiled a list of some of these, along with several others, to add to your inspiration as you kick off the New Year and look ahead to your own unique and wonderful Wedding Plans. Welcome 2024!!


While muted, organic tones and even pastels were more popular in 2023... it's anticipated that in 2024 that we'll see a lot more bold, strong color palettes. Earthy tones are still often preferred: greens, browns, yellows, blues.

Wedding Weekends are certainly still trending, with multiple-day parties with varied activities to help everyone celebrate as a group... But as some time has elapsed since the pandemic quarantine, and the resulting urge to gather in large groups, as 2024 commences many couples are looking ahead to an indulgence in more private moments: streamlined guest counts, couples' experiences a day or two prior to the wedding (massages, brunch for 2 before the rehearsal...) Even Mini-Moons are gaining popularity: a short getaway for the newlyweds just after the wedding... with plans in place for the extended Honeymoon to take place a few months (usu. not more than a year) later.

Smaller, more intimate celebrations with fewer guests have often been more prevalent with the LGBTQ+ community, but since covid "micro weddings" have continued to gain even more popularity. Such events lend themselves to more flexibility, a wider variety of experiences for the couple and their guests, and can be more budget-friendly. Intimate Destination Weddings are also trending for 2024: providing the couple and guests with a multi-day celebration that incorporates a variety of experiences, perhaps to a unique destination, and opportunities to connect with one another through extended quality time.

Lots of themed wedding celebrations are anticipated for the New Year, with retro themes topping the list. 'Groovy' is in again! Fashion & decor are not the only concepts included in the nod to the 60's... less-structured ceremonies and receptions are also definitely trending. -More casual readings during the wedding itself, an inclusion of more personal stories, even less formal attire... as well as a less traditional flow during the reception festivities. It's still suggested that you provide guests with a Program of some kind, simply to help them understand and anticipate what's going to happen throughout your event, so they feel at ease in knowing what to expect.

Not sure about a First Dance?? No problem! 2024 is seeing many couples opt for a delayed First Dance, allowing the party to really get rolling before they entertain guests and spike the romance of the evening with their own special twirl around the dance floor. This is sometimes kicked off with a special toast by your DJ, emcee, officiant, parent or lead attendant, to gather everyone and bring full attention to the magical moment.

Eco-conscious weddings have certainly continued to gain momentum, with couples choosing eco-friendly decor as well as transportation options, locally sourced food, and sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact. Many couples purposefully choose vegan menu options... check out lightly used apparel for themselves and/or their attendants... explore thrift shops for plateware and repurposed decor items (vases, signage, tables, etc)... lean toward dried or silk floral elements and donate live florals to assisted living facilities or spiritual havens... opt to go digital with announcements, invites, photography, and keepsakes... encourage guests to contribute to specific charitable causes in lieu of gifts

One sure benefit of the effects of the pandemic has been our collective willingness to take advantage of virtual gatherings. Couples with distant or elderly friends and family continue to find innovative ways to offer the option for guests to participate in their celebration through live streaming or virtual meeting software. Add to the fun by considering virtual photo booths and digital guest books: these days there are fun props such as vintage-looking telephones that serve as recording devices, for use with your in-person guests!

Interactive food stations and food trucks have become alternatives in recent years, and food trucks or mobile dessert & beverage carts are still anticipated to feature particularly for summertime weddings, but a return to more traditional sit-down meals is definitely gaining interest for 2024. Indulgent dinners, served homestyle, instilling a sense of nostalgia and a cozy vibe, at longer tables that allow more guests to interact with each other, are definitely popular! Specific menu choices of course vary well beyond the traditional, and often include a modern or eco-friendly spin: fusion cuisine, vegetarian fare, locally-sourced items, etc...

That being said, Creative Food and Beverage Options also continue to be popular this year: themed cocktail bars, food and wine pairings, beverage stations such as coffee bars and creative dessert displays such as pretzel walls, fruit pie cascades, candy stations, smoothie bars & gelato carts.

Mix-and-Match Attendant Attire: This has always been popular with LGBTQ+ brides and grooms... and it's still trending! Inviting your attendants to pick out their own apparel, often based on a particular color palette or theme, provides the opportunity for a cohesive yet personalized look. Ideas to keep in mind: Rainbow theme... Rainbow accessories (sneakers, bouttoineires...)... Suspenders... Vests... Varied hues of one base color... Not all couples choose to have attendants, but if you do, inviting them to pick out their own apparel obviously is a nod to encourage everyone's own self-expression, and ensures that they'll all feel comfortable throughout your entire celebration.

Unique Entertainment continues to be popular this year: aerial performers, strolling magicians, caricature artists, strolling violinists, live bands, dance emcees/line dancing, interactive experiences such as audible guest books, artistic keepsake stations or DIY crafting tables, tabletop games, group bingo and other quiz show type fun for all guests to participate in throughout your reception festivities.
More interactive ideas for your Reception:

Many LGBTQ+ couples opt for a Theme Wedding and this year is no exception!
Hot ideas for 2024 include:

Vintage/Retro: Transport your guests to a bygone era! Choose a specific decade for inspiration and incorporate era-appropriate decor, fashion, entertainment, artwork and music. Imagine the roaring twenties with an Art Deco or Great Gatsby-inspired wedding, featuring geometric patterns, gold accents, and flapper-style fashion... or the 1950's with vintage rock & roll, poodle skirts & leather jackets. Don't forget jell-o or pineapple upside down cake for dessert! Or enjoy a nod to the 60's by creating a relaxed, boho-chic atmosphere with elements such as dreamcatchers, wildflower bouquets, mismatched seating, and flowing, natural fabrics.

Fairytale: Fulfill your fairytale dreams with a wedding inspired by your favorite storybook or Disney movie. Incorporate castle-like venues, whimsical decor, and a touch of magic.

Garden/Floral: Bring the beauty of nature into your wedding using lush blooms, greenery, and natural accents such as wood, bamboo, moss, stones & wicker furniture.

Vintage Hollywood/Glam: Capture the elegance and glamour of old Hollywood with a black-tie affair, red carpet entrance, and art deco decor. Bring out the celebrity in all your guests: your photobooth props will be so much fun!

Travel/Adventure: Celebrate your love for adventure by incorporating travel-themed elements. Invite guests to dress for their favorite destination, and decorate using vintage suitcases, passport-style invitations, and centerpieces inspired from a variety of favorite locations around the globe. Consider a menu boasting flavors that are popular with different cultures, or fusion cuisine.

Starry Night/Space: Explore the cosmos with a starry night or space-themed wedding. Let your imagination soar with celestial decor, dark blue and metallic color schemes, and constellation motifs.

Tea Party: Host a charming vintage tea party with proper or quaintly mismatched china, pastel colors, fragrant hanging florals and extended tea service. Mix with a Garden Theme and you've got all the elements for a truly delightful affair!

Medieval/Renaissance: Create a medieval or Renaissance-themed wedding with a castle venue, period-appropriate attire, and rustic, candlelit decor.

Carnival/Fair: Bring the excitement of the carnival or fair to your wedding with colorful tents, carnival games, and classic, whimsical food options such as custom-flavored cotton candy and popcorn. Serving options add to the fun! -Popcorn carts, interactive stations (add your own toppings, mix & match flavors), candy or popcorn tin keepsakes


No matter the current trends or those anticipated for the year ahead... What's important is that you and your fiancee choose whatever it is for Your Special Day that delights you, represents your own beautiful Love Story, and celebrates this exciting chapter in your lives together. Make the most of all your options! CONGRATULATIONS!



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