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FUN, UNIQUE, & PERSONAL... Life’s Flix can help you create a lasting memory of your wedding or special event in ways never before possible.  We supply YOU with handheld HD video cameras that friends and family have fun using to capture your moments.  It's interactive, it's intimate, and it's how it happened which makes it special... 

TELL YOUR STORY... Then, Life’s Flix professional editors take over and produce a meaningful documentary video from that footage that captures the story of your WEEK - complete with all the best moments: the laugh, the tears, the personal messages.  It’s a perfect memory that you can watch on DVD or share online on social networks forever!

SO SIMPLE... With Life's Flix easy process you choose your package on our website, then we mail you a box of handheld HD cameras to use for at least 5 days.  You pick a handful of creative friends & family and with a little direction from us creates the perfect combination to capture the week of your wedding.  Then, you return the cameras and Life’s Flix’s editing professionals work their video magic.  No really!

WE GIVE YOU MORE... Our service offers a personal touch that a professional videographer could never achieve.  Your friends and family will be right there capturing every personal moment they know you’ll want to remember.  Then, we edit those moments together into an unforgettable story you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life!  

Conact US at for more information or samples and to order your package today!!

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PO Box 881001, Steilacoom 98388, WA
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  • Lauren Olsen/Smilde


    I am beyond grateful that we chose Life's Flix for our wedding video. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I could not be happier. Our video captures the beauty of the day in a genuine, more realistic way. It includes so many personal messages from our family and friends that we will cherish forever. Having the cameras for a week enabled us to capture part of the rehearsal dinner and other gatherings during our wedding weekend.
    Charles and Russell were both incredibly responsive, helpful and accommodating from the moment I started working with them. When I asked if they could close caption my video for several deaf family members, they put in extra time to research the best way and present me with a number of options. The video was perfect and I was able to share it with those who could not attend my wedding. I never thought I would want to watch a wedding video in the future, but I've already watched this one a number of times and most certainly will again for years to come.
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    Lauren, It was our pleasure to serve you with a video that you will cherish forever! One of the best compliments ever comes from your last comment when you said “ I’ve already watched it a number of times and will watch it again for years to come”. WE appreciate you trusting Life’s Flix to capture your moments and don’t forget to at least make a tradition by watching it every anniversary!

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