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A Q&A with Mercedes & Chelsea

She’s always looking at me in amazement.
Photo courtesy of Mercedes W.

Are you engaged? What's your proposal story? How long had you been dating before deciding to get married? We started out as best friends and decided to start dating July 2016. Fast forward to May 9th Mothers Day she proposed to me. I was sick as a dog however she did her best to cheer me up by allowing me to stay in bed all day just for her and my son to get on one knee and propose. She didn’t want to wait so we went to the courthouse July 23rd and we were legally married. However that wasn’t what we dreamed of so here we are now planning a huge wedding to take place July 23,2023

Have you picked a Wedding Date? How did you make the choice?? July 23, 2023. We picked this date because we got married on the 23rd and started dating in July of 2016. We love the number pattern of 07-23-23

How did your family and friends react to the engagement? Any insights, thoughts or feelings you'd like to share? They were very shocked but happy. We didn’t necessarily get the support we imagined & had obstacles along the way but we kept it pushing and we will have a beautiful wedding regardless.

What has ceremony planning been like? Stressful but rewarding lol. A wonderful moment was selecting the venue! I imagined walking down the aisle the day being beautiful!

Any planning tips you have for others who are just starting to think about marriage? Tips for marriage alone: never stop dating one another, keep your business between you and your partner, and always communicate even when it hurts. As for planning tips? Always do what YOU and YOUR partner wants to do. Don’t allow anyone to restrict or detour you away from wedding plans just because they don’t like it. Don’t get discouraged at lack of support and focus on the support you do have.

What type of wedding are you envisioning? Ceremony colors? Any theme? Are you planning to include particular rituals or traditions? Are you including any Rainbow themed items? Our theme is Classy-rustic. Colors are Navy, Champagne & Salmon pink. Lots of flowers lol. We love glad but both are from the country Texas and Mississippi so we love rustic themes!

What do you think will be the highlight of your Wedding Day? The highlight will be remembering every obstacle We’ve gone through to reach this point. We’re looking forward to celebrating with people who actually support us and genuinely want to see us happy.

Any other details about your Wedding/Reception/Honeymoon Plans that you'd like to share? As for our reception we love to dance! We love blues so we plan on dancing the night away! Honeymoon plans are to be on someone’s beach overseas! Mercedes is looking forward to dance classes so she can keep up during the reception lol.

What is it about your future together that is most exciting for you? Our future is exciting because we’re planning IVF. We definitely want another child. We already have a 13 year old son and we’re really wanting two more. Diving deeper into our careers while always loving each other more every day. Knowing that we made the right decision getting legally married first and planning a wedding second shows us everyday how much we’re committed to the marriage and not getting married for the sake of having a wedding.

Favorite Quote you'd like to share? Any one can have a wedding but always be committed to the actual marriage.

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