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Samantha and Denise

Expressing Love on the Love Bridge
Photo courtesy Walston Photography

Our Story starts back in the spring of 2016. Samantha, an ambitious woman, was promoted to Assistant General Manager at a very young age, requiring her to relocate to a Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Las Colinas, Tx. During her first week of training, she met the local staff, and one person caught her attention, unintentionally. This young woman was Denise. Sam was immediately drawn to Denise's fun and charismatic nature.

For those of you who don't know, Sam runs a tight ship. Her employees are held to a high standard and they feel the wrath of her glare if not up to par. Soon after Sam's transfer, Denise was in constant trouble with the new boss. Whether it was being yelled at for drinking with customers, closing too early, or not cleaning to Samantha's standards, Denise found herself getting a lot of uninvited attention and was unsure why. Little did she know, the feeling of constantly wanting to impress and get the approval of Sam, was going to be a lifelong mission.

Within the first few months of meeting, Sam began to help Denise wash her glassware voluntarily. She also made it a point to have her manager lunch in front of Denise’s Bar every Friday. Denise, thinking she was a bad employee, was nervous and on high alert every time her new boss came around, not realizing that Sam was using it as an excuse to spend time with her. In fact, Denise had no idea that Sam was even interested, she assumed all of the special attention was just Sam’s way of running her store. It wasn't until after a big May 5th celebration that Sam had slipped up and Denise began taking the hint.

You see, being a Taco shop, Fuzzy’s threw a huge Cinco De Mayo party every year. The place gets overrun with patrons, live music, and cocktail servers running around with trays of tequila shots. Denise, being the absentminded person she is, left her backpack with a week's worth of tips in the bar during the party. As you may have guessed, the backpack was gone the next day. Devastated, Denise turned to Sam for the video feed. Sam used her whole shift to watch the feed of the party to get a clue as to who grabbed it. The next day Denise came in defeated, but Sam had good news. When she explained that she found who took the backpack, Denise grabbed and hugged her with excitement! It was their very FIRST physical interaction. Sam immediately felt the butterflies soaring through her body as Denise excitedly wrapped her arms around her. The hug lasted a bit longer than normal and when Denise let go, she caught Sam's eyes checking her out.

Surprised by this, she disregarded the incident, but began noticing her desire for Sam’s attention grow. Denise began learning Sam's schedule, and staying late on the shifts they worked together. She no longer felt imperfect when Sam scolded her, but started looking for a reason to get Sam inside of her bar. It took a few days of mutual flirting, but Denise eventually summoned the confidence to invite Sam out for drinks after their shift. Sam agreed, and showed up to the bar out of uniform which caught Denise off guard. It was the first time Denise had seen Sam out of her normal purple polo and queso stained jeans, and she was instantly captivated. The woman she has been searching for was near her all along. Fuzzy Monday soon became a weekly night out for the staff of that little taco shop. When Sam started joining, Denise knew that these nights would be her chance to get Sam alone.

On May 16th, 2016 the staff went out for drinks as usual. Denise had a final exam due online, but did not want to miss her chance of getting Sam alone, so she took her laptop with her to their favorite bar, The Grand. Denise sat in the back corner of the noisy bar with her laptop out, and Sam curiously approached, and sat next to her. Sam, having a little bit of liquid courage, placed her hand on Denise’s knee shooting bolts of electricity through Denise’s entire body. Denise, finding it hard to concentrate on school, raced to finish her exam to address the much wanted hand placement on her knee. It took a few shots of tequila, but Denise eventually mustered courage to ask Sam to join her in getting a round of shots for the group. This was her chance. She knew it was now or never. As they walked towards the bar, Denise took hold of Samantha’s hand and pulled her to a secret corner of the pool hall. There they had their first kiss. At that moment, the couple felt the chemistry between them, and knew they were both in major trouble.

They had both unknowingly found their soulmate. ….and well…6 years later....they will be tying the knot officially on May 14th, 2022.


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