- Rev. Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff

Norwalk, CT


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You are the Occasion! - You've known each other for several months or several years, and you've withstood your first few relationship challenges. Now you're looking at options for taking your next step together. Let the Reverend Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff bless your relationship by presiding at your ceremony.

Ordained, Period. - With over 20 years of professional ministerial experience, Daniel is ready for any scenario. Holding dual standing as a Baptist pastor and American Protestant minister, he is authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in all 50 states and the U.S. territories. Unlike a town justice of the peace or an officiant with an online ordination, Daniel holds two theological master's degrees as well as the Doctor of Ministry, preparing him to handle any eventuality with grace, humor, and style.

Your Vision, Implemented - None of Daniel's ceremonies are identical. Each ceremony is painstakingly crafted according to the couple's stated interests and preferences.

Love is Love - Daniel presides over wedding ceremonies for all consenting adult partners who wish to join as spouses, regardless of their creed or identity: Christian, interfaith, humanist, secular, spiritual non-religious, same-sex couples, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary... And as an adjunct professor of world religions, Daniel considers it a treat to learn about different cultures and traditions, bringing them into focus wherever the couple chooses to hold their ceremony.

Any Location - Locations have ranged from a park in Missouri to Yale University's historic Battell Chapel, from the couple's Chicago congregation to the Union League, and from the oceanfront in Greenwich to a country club in Wallingford, CT where the couple always enjoys spare time together.

Your Style, Reflected - Liturgical vestments are not required for a ceremony to be a real ceremony. Daniel has no persona to maintain. He will wear a chicken suit if that fits into some purpose. If you're wearing a wedding gown and tux, Daniel will dress appropriately. Linen shorts? Daniel will join the party. Your personal style will be reflected through every aspect of the ceremony, down to the last fiber.

Diverse Worldviews - Daniel specializes in negotiating diverse (if not divergent!) worldviews and political and religious perspectives within a single family. Regardless of past conflict or avoiding topics, Daniel will work with couples to craft a meaningful and polished ceremony that pulls the families together.

Services Included - Initial consultation, contract signing, service planning, optional premarital counseling, ongoing phone/email conversations, the actual ceremony, and the signing of the state license are all included in the honorarium. Some add-ons may include running the wedding rehearsal (in conjunction with the wedding planner), prayer at the rehearsal dinner, attendance at reception, prayer at reception, and significant follow-up after your big day.

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