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There is a certain irony in being a gay wedding photographer.

While I am always honored to be a part of my client's wedding day, the fact that until recently I couldn't legally get married was never lost on me. The experience of witnessing so many beautiful weddings made me determined to work towards marriage equality.

For years, I have turned my lens toward same-sex couples, creating portraits of loving relationships before marriage was a possibility. Once the laws started changing, I started shooting same-sex weddings. In the six months after the law passed in New York, I shot 17 same-sex weddings. Our community is filled with so many glorious stories of love and commitment that need telling, and I want to tell them.

If you hire me (and I certainly hope you do), this is what you can expect.

Beautiful portraiture:

There is an art to posing same-sex couples. Traditionally, the bride is the center of attention, but when there are no brides, or there are two brides, the dynamic shifts. As a gay man, I understand how LGBT couples fit together. There are many photographers who, when confronted with a same sex couple, pose them like distant feuding cousins. When looking at my images, you can tell that these couples are in love. If you want portraits that show your love, connection, and passion, then I'm your guy.

Moments to remember:

Most images created on a wedding day are candids. In addition to the first kiss, the ring exchange, the first dance, or the cake cutting, there are moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. A tear on a parent's cheek. A toddler trying out their first dance moves. Your grandmother doing the chicken dance. Every photographer has their own approach to getting these images. Some work around the edges and shoot guests with a telephoto. Some tell guests where to go and what to do. I take the middle ground. I'm friendly with guests so they become comfortable around me, and I can get authentic images without having to guide them or hide from them.


I was a book designer for many years before becoming a photographer, and I'm obsessive about my album designs. You can see some samples under the wedding section of my website.

It's fun to post your photos on Facebook, but future generations are not going to be checking out your Facebook page. I provide you with images on DVD, but in ten or twenty years, technology will have moved on and a DVD will be like an 8 track. Your memories are too important to leave to something as ephemeral as technology.

Albums are the only proven way to keep your images for generations. If you invest in a photographer, then you should invest in an album, and my albums kick ass!

In Conclusion:

I'm passionate about same-sex weddings. Check out my website and see

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