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San Mateo, California

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I absolutely love my job. Every wedding to me is wonderful and special. I custom-write each ceremony for each couple, with lots of input from you. My promise to you is that every single guest will say it's the best ceremony they ever attended.

I often say this towards the end of my ceremony.

And finally, I have something to say myself... I have been marrying people for over twenty years and I've participated in gay commitment ceremonies. But I have not had as many opportunities to actually MARRY a gay couple. For me, this is a momentous and special day, that we can finally unite all our citizens in marriage, and grant them the act of taking their civil rights. This great step forward for gay people is as important as women getting the vote or black people integrating our public schools. It is a milestone for society as a whole. There are still many hurdles to be overcome, but we can do it.

When you contact me, I can send you hundreds of glowing references, many from gay couples. You may contact any one of them and I know they'll attest that I am the person who should perform your special ceremony.

Until a year ago, I was the ONLY PERSON in the Bay Area who could actually issue licenses. I stopped doing that because it was extremely time consuming. But I can help you get your license quickly and easily, often the same day.

I charge $325 for my services and this includes organizing the actual ceremony (who stands where, parents etc.) at no extra charge. I'm good at this.

This is my home and my only business. Please call me at 650-571-5555

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