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Welcome! My name is Justice Jeff Freeman. I am very LGBTQ Friendly as I am a proud Gay Justice of the Peace. I service the entire State of Massachusetts, and parts of Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  Distance for me means nothing as it’s all about the connection with my couples and I have the means to connect with my couples with Live Chat and document sharing that allows closing of the distance gap. I make myself available to my couples most any time via live Video Chat, in-person meetings, emails, phone calls and text to ensure you have my support when you need it.

Having been a successful wedding planner, for over 12 years planning destination weddings, coordinating weddings from afar, to massive indoor stadiums and huge religious weddings, I am a stickler for details and am very acquainted with dealing with most vendors and venues.

This is your wedding, your time, your wedding ceremony and I would love to make the most of it for you.  I offer various Wedding Packages that we could talk about to help you make your wishes come true.

I am also very protective of my couples and their wishes for a wedding ceremony, and not the cookie-cutter wedding offered by your venue wedding planner.​

Be comfortable with someone who can relate to how we feel as people of a sexual orientation that is unique and brings a caring feeling of comfort, and a very approachable personality to create your wedding ceremony dreams. I’ve been marrying couples since 2004 from all walks of life and I have loved every minute of my time with my couples.  I’ve been lucky that I’ve made great connections of which I still keep alive up until today. I try not to think of it as a moment in someone’s life, but a part of someone's life forever and if we can keep that connection alive every year when I wish them Happy Anniversary, it brings me even more joy.  

When I perform a ceremony, I give it all that I have.  I’m a very personal person, but yet yes I am a very emotional person as well.  I find that I can get so emersed in performing a ceremony my emotions definitely shine thru and my couples feel the wave of them as well.  It’s something I can’t describe well, but it’s all good and if someone doesn’t tear up, I haven’t done my job. :-)

If you are looking for something different from an Officiant, I am best known for my customized wedding ceremonies where not one is the same for any couple I work with. If your wish is to have a completely custom written wedding ceremony tailored to your specific needs then this option is for you. I love to write and have done so for many years now for my couples. Having always received high honors in my English Composition classes I like to think that I have a flair for bringing my talent to the wedding ceremonies I write. I accomplish this by going through a process of questions and discussions with you to help mold the ceremony of your dreams. The process is lengthy and requires much work on my part to complete a well-written ceremony. When complete, you will have a ceremony that reflects who you are and what beholds your future.

I also offer wedding packages where I could create one reference working completely choreographed document for all of your vendors i.e. DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Live Musicians, your wedding planner and such to work from so we are all working from one reference point from Guest seating thru Receiving Line should you have one. You won't believe how many times I arrive at a wedding where none of the vendors know what is going on in the ceremony and completely miss out on our specially written ceremony moments. It’s best to go with someone you can trust and who knows how to pull off of the variables of a wedding ceremony together, just for you.

Please visit my website today to book a free, no-obligation consultation, from the comfort of your own home or office using my Live Video chat Consultation to become better acquainted with one another.  Or book an in-person meeting at my home or phone consultation.G

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