Quick Tips - Little Things to Bring Along for The Big Day

Quick Tips - Little Things to Bring Along for The Big Day

Your Wedding Day is finally here!!

A few quick tips to keep in mind as you prep for Your Special Day:

*Pack a small bag, backpack or even a small suitcase - it is so convenient to have one place to keep things like your wallet, keys, phone, speeches, vows, notes, vendor phone numbers, travel itinerary, etc. Don't forget the phone chargers or extra camera batteries!

*Don't forget any necessary garment bags or apparel accessories! Hat? Suspenders?

*Remember to pack an assortment of 'just-in-case' items, such as safety pins, hair accessories if necessary, comb/brush, mirror, extra make-up, cologne, bottled water, small snack items, breath mints. It's also good to consider bringing a minimal amount of first aid items - you never know when a small bandaid or pain reliever might be needed!

Other things to consider bringing along:

*planner book w phone numbers, timeline and notes
*guest list
*copy of event insurance
*extra earrings, in case one gets lost or misplaced
*an extra tie
*extra set of nylons or hose, in case of tears
*checkbook, if applicable
*additional personal care items, as may be needed
*favorite essential oils
*sewing kit
*stain remover
*extra guitar strings or other applicable items
*scissors (you never know!)
*a lighter
*masking or duct tape (a lesbian must-have!)
*jacket or wrap

*Remember to bring along any of those special Gift Bags or Cards that you've bought in advance for your officiant, special guests or attendants, or for your Sweetie!

*Do you plan to incorporate a special Bible or other keepsake item into the ceremony? Special champagne flutes or cake server? Guest Book? Is it all ready to go?

*Rings or ring pillow?

*Apparel you'll change in to for the reception? Comfortable shoes for later?

*Vows? If you hand-wrote these and your officiant is not responsible for your copy... be sure you have it on the Big Day! And what about the marriage certificate? -Usually your officiant will handle all the legal documents, but it's good to be sure!

*Pets involved with the ceremony? Is there a bag of supplies ready to go?

*Special Signs or other Decor Items?

*Caketopper? Has this already been provided to your cake provider... or not??

*Any Keepsakes or Favors you need to take along? And bring along some extra Invitations and Programs... to hand out as keepsakes if necessary.

*Snack items can be wonderful during the upcoming hectic schedule, to help settle a nervous tummy or thwart a stress headache. And if you pick just the right granola bar or favorite munchie, you can rest assured it will be on hand just when you need it... Even a preferred type of tea bag or soft drink isn't a bad idea! Be sure to pick out an assortment, and keep in mind that you'll want something with a low-mess factor. -Bring extras if possible, for attendants or your Sweetie!

*Honeymoon Luggage? Taking off immediately after your wedding? Don't forget your bags, passport, etc!


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