Inspired by PRIDE: Adding an LGBTQ+ Theme to Your Wedding Celebration

Inspired by PRIDE:  Adding an LGBTQ+ Theme to Your Wedding Celebration

Love knows no boundaries, and neither should your celebration of Love!  Expressing your unique identities, and the special romance that the two of you share are naturally important aspects you’ll want to include in your ceremony.  An LGBTQ+-themed wedding offers an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate love, diversity, and unity in a visually memorable way. By embracing the colors of the rainbow, symbols, literature or memorable moments pertaining to LGBTQ+ history, couples can create an inclusive and joyful atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of their love story. From colorful decorations and attire to symbolic rituals and delectable treats, a themed wedding opens the door to endless creative possibilities and reflects the beauty of Love in all its colors.

Here are some ideas for fun & thoughtful ways to ‘marry’ your own distinctive style & vision for Your Special Day with LGBTQ+ themes, and how to incorporate them in to your festivities.

Colorful Decor & Design:

From invitations and wedding stationery to floral arrangements, table settings, and even the wedding attire, each element can be adorned with the colors of the rainbow or with LGBTQ+ related elements. Consider a multicolored bouquet, vibrant table linens, or a colorful ombre wedding cake that represents the full spectrum of hues. Add the varied LGBTQ+ flags in to your floral centerpieces, or drape a different flag across each reception table.  Balloons, backlights, ribbons, colored fabrics or fairy lights in rainbow colors can be used to create a magical ambiance, ensuring that every corner of your venue is a visual delight.

Assign reception tables with signage that reflects LGBTQ+ landmarks: ‘The Castro District,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ ‘Ptown,’ ‘Stonewall Inn…’  Imagine the conversation starters!

Ice Sculptures are so beautiful, especially for nighttime receptions!  Ask your sculptor to include interlocked rainbow hearts, an LGBTQ+ flag or multiple symbols as part of the decorative elements within the carving.  An amazing centerpiece!

Multicolored Smoke Blasts - Currently, all the rage... and why not??  Photo opp's while you and your beloved are surrounded by the billowing blasts of vibrant color are AMAZING!  …But if that’s not your style, consider rainbow-hued sparklers instead… or multicolored flower petals for the toss as you make your grand exit!

Quick-Glance Rainbow Ideas:

  • Red - Roses, Ruby or Fire Garnet Jewelry, Baskets of Apples, Cherry Garnishes, Red Velvet Cake
  • Orange - Monarch Butterfly Release, Orange Macarons, Peach Cobbler, Pumpkin Soup, Mimosas
  • Yellow - Sunflowers, Daylilies, Yellow Table Decor & Signage, Corn on the Cob, Lemon Garnishes
  • Green - Lime Margaritas, Mint Juleps, Cascading Ivy in Doorways, Key Lime Pie
  • Blue - Blue Shoes or Socks, Blue Garter, Delphinium or Blue Hydrangea, Peacock Feathers, Water Displays
  • Indigo / Violet - The Indigo Girls Reception Music, Purple Hydrangea, Amethyst Jewelry, Purple Bow Ties/Socks/Accessories, Berry Garnishes, Purple Hair Highlights

Formal Wear:

Some couples incorporate a rainbow theme using varied colored ties for each of their attendants, or vests, suspenders or dresses.  Some wear rainbow-colored sneakers.  -Makes for an eye-catching palette for Your Day, with all your attendants bedecked in a diverse array, and for lively, one-of-a-kind photographs!

Consider inviting your guests to join in your theme by dressing in rainbow-inspired outfits, or attire inspired by each person’s individuality, allowing everyone to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere and fostering a sense of both unity and freedom of self-expression.

Something Borrowed:

Leaning in to the well-known tradition, it’s easy to find things old, new, borrowed and blue…  Getting creative with the basic concept, consider borrowing an LGBTQ+ related emblem from the past or from the broader community, such as a pink triangle, the lambda, or perhaps a gender inclusive symbol.  These can be worn as jewelry, lapel pins, handcrafted yourself, or added as an adornment piece to tie around your bouquet or as an accent in your boutonniere.

For further information on lesser-known symbols:

Ceremony Rituals:

Incorporate LGBTQ+-specific rituals in to your ceremony to honor the journey of LGBTQ+ individuals toward broader equality. This could involve lighting a unity candle with rainbow-colored flames, a sand ceremony with spectral hues, or by including a ribbon with LGBTQ+ symbols or flags printed along its length as part of your handfasting ceremony.

Choose readings or poems that celebrate love in all its forms, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This can be done during the ceremony as readings by your officiant or by guests, or incorporated in to the couple’s vows.  The idea can also be added in to the reception as part of speeches or toasts. Including literature from LGBTQ+ authors or incorporating their stories can add depth, inspiration and authenticity to your celebration.

Some couples include the jumping of the broom as an exclamatory ending moment after they are pronounced officially married:  this African tradition historically has been used to symbolize a respectful nod to one's enslaved ancestors, who were unable to have a legally sanctioned union.  The tradition also symbolizes a new beginning and a 'sweeping away' of the past:  obvious fits for the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Getting Interactive with Your Guests:

Consider an interactive ice-breaker game for your family & friends!  Here's an easy one: On the back of each guest's seating card, write one half of a famous duo (such as "Ellen / Portia... Mitchell / Cameron... Poison Ivy / Harley Quinn..." Or, if you don't have seating cards, just add a colorful, eye-catching basket or vase at your entry table - in it dump the collection of cards with the half-names of famous duos.  -If you have a feeling that many of your guests might not recognize the selected duos, provide color coding as a secondary clue for matching.  Post a quick note with directions for all to see: "Pick a Name! During the evening, please take a moment to find your "Other Half", and introduce yourself! Tell them where you're from, and how you know the Happy Couple. Please take a selfie together and post it using our Wedding Hashtag! We appreciate you taking time to bring all our Guests together in friendship and fun!" -By the end of the party, you'll have a room full of chatting friends, not strangers... and your Wedding Photo Album will be full of outrageously silly selfies!

Tempting Tastebuds:

Extend the theme of the rainbow to your wedding menu and refreshments. Vibrant fruit platters, colorful cocktails, and multi-hued macarons or frosted cupcakes are just a few ideas to infuse the rainbow theme into your culinary offerings. A cascading rainbow candy bar can serve as a show-stopping centerpiece as well as a delightful way to offer a take-away candy bag for your guests’ favors.  Multi-layered signature beverages are also a fun addition, and many couples opt for champagne or wine from a vineyard known to be LGBTQ+ owned or actively supportive of the community.

Consider a variety of colorful mixed cocktails such as The HoneyMoon (Cointreau and tequila) garnished with pink rose petals, or a refreshing Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco garnished with a mint leaf and a handful of red ripe berries, or an Aperol Spritz flaming with orange color and garnished with a fruit wheel.  Non-alcholic layered lemonades or fruit punches are also always an option:  The liquid rainbow!

Naming beverages, based on historical moments or LGBTQ+ personalities is another fun and easy way to add to your overall theme:  ‘The Pride Martini,’ ‘Ode to Obergefell & Arthur...' Let your imagination run wild and create a feast that tantalizes both the taste buds and the eyes.

Multiple selections of gelato,  frozen ice pops, or a colorful smoothie station are a wonderful way to include another dessert option, especially if you're planning a summertime celebration or if you have many children in attendance, or those with GF considerations.


Supporting Others & Giving Back:

Consider making a donation to an LGBTQ+ organization as a wedding favor in your guests' honor. This gesture not only supports a cause close to your heart but also raises awareness and encourages others to contribute to LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy.  Many couples request contributions from guests in lieu of wedding gifts, providing the names of two or three organizations for guests to choose from.


Incorporating LGBTQ+ themes into your wedding is a meaningful way to celebrate love, embrace diversity, and honor our community's journey toward greater Equality. By doing so, you create a memorable event that reflects your identity, inspires others, and contributes to the progress of the rights of our greater LGBTQ+ family. Whether it's through decor, conversation starters, rituals, or supporting LGBTQ+ causes, there are numerous creative ways to include meaningful themes in to your wedding. Remember, Love is Love, transcending beyond all boundaries, and Your Special Day should be a reflection of that beautiful truth.



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