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Young entrepreneur "Designer Elexus" created Paradigm III to provide designer bridal attire and fashions to the LGBTQ community.  After building her company for 2 1/2 years, she was finally ready to open an LGBTQ bridal store in North Hollywood, CA 3 weeks before the COVID 19 lockdown.  After extensive renovations to her bridal store, the mandatory lockdown was financially devastating.  Designer Elexus now seeks to keep her dream alive by hosting an online fundraiser auction of beautiful designer wedding tuxedos, offering custom bridal attire designs, and seeking support from the LGBTQ community in which will hopefully lead to the ability to finally open an LGBTQ bridal store.  If you need bridal designs for yourself and/or your entire wedding party, please contact Designer Elexus.  Paradigm III has your "style" whether you want your attire to be subtle and elegant or whether you want to have an extreme "over-the-top" design that will leave your guests "blinded-by-the-bling".  You can contact Paradigm III at

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Paradigm III is currently offered online. Tuxedos can be custom ordered and shipped throughout the US.


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