National Tour of LGBTQ Wedding Expos Visits Oklahoma City on Valentines Weekend with Unique Inaugural Event - Couples Still Motivated to Seek Out LGBTQ-specific Wedding Resources


Oklahoma City, OK – Following the SCOTUS decision in June 2015 regarding marriage equality for the LGBTQ community, most couples found themselves breathing a sigh of relief. After a decade of vacillating legislation in states throughout the nation, couples finally felt at ease with enjoying a leisurely engagement and planning their dream ceremonies with a more relaxed timeframe. But now, with the new administration in the White House, continuing anti-trans policies, and a Supreme Court appointment that will likely lean toward the conservative, LGBTQ couples find themselves again facing an uncertain future with regard to marriage rights & family equality.

“The potential passage of legislation like the First Amendment Defense Act has many couples feeling rushed to move ahead and plan their weddings sooner, rather than later,” says co-founder Marianne Puechl. “It’s not so much the fact that certain wedding professionals might soon be able to openly discriminate… it’s the precedent that legislation of this kind sets. To write discrimination into law is a dangerous thing, and the LGBTQ minority is wise to what kind of backlash such a bill might create. So they are finding ways to take action.”

Puechl and her partner Cindy Sproul launched in 2000, and began producing a national tour of LGBTQ Wedding Expos in 2003. To date, the company has brought over 190 signature events to 33 states, and continues to expand its circuit each year. 2018 marks an inaugural event in Oklahoma City, and the 34th state in which RWN has produced an event.

“We’ve seen a spike in RSVP’s for our upcoming events ever since November 9th 2016,” Puechl continues. “Couples aren’t frantic, but they’re wanting to take real action. Moving ahead with their plans to marry is one way they can empower themselves.”

RainbowWeddingNetwork’s tour of LGBTQ Wedding Expos will visit Oklahoma City on Valentines Weekend, with a celebratory, informative event set for Sunday February 11th. This first annual event will be hosted by the Gaillardia Country Club and will spotlight a diversity of screened, LGBTQ-friendly wedding, honeymoon and home-related vendors in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The afternoon will offer couples the opportunity to mingle with enthusiastic, experienced professionals, eager to help them bring together the details for their Dream Weddings. Food Samples, Trendy Planning Ideas & Raffle Giveaways will be highlights of the event, and couples also will have the opportunity to tour the unique and beautiful features of the Gaillardia. The Expo is free for couples to attend, and all budgets are welcome. Friends, family, hetero- allies & other advocates of equal rights are welcome to join the celebration.

“Couples, their wedding party & LGBTQ allies will gather together at the Expo,” says Puechl. “Couples are planning their ceremonies & honeymoons, and wedding professionals are meeting new clients. But more than that, this will be an afternoon for everyone to join together & envision the next steps for the LGBTQ community in the area as well as throughout the country. The more cohesive our community becomes, the sooner we’ll achieve lasting equality throughout the nation."

Sunday February 11th, 2018 (12:30-3:30pm)
Location: Gaillardia Country Club / 5300 Gaillardia Boulevard / Oklahoma City, OK 73142
RSVPs are requested to attend this event - for more information visit
For Further Information: Cindy Sproul or Marianne Puechl, co-founders / RainbowWeddingNetwork
O: 828-645-8750 / C: 828-231-7983 / mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /