Advantages of a Delayed Honeymoon

Advantages of a Delayed Honeymoon

Without a doubt, being whisked off on a luxurious or adventurous travel itinerary immediately after you say your farewells to all your wedding guests is a dream-come-true for many couples. But it's not always the ideal fit for everyone. Adding time in between your marvelous Wedding Day and the date of your Honeymoon Plans offers quite a few benefits!

Focus in on planning one major event at a time
- Whether you are planning most of the details of your wedding yourselves, or have hired a wedding designer and a multitude of vendors to assist, the process of putting together all the elements of Your Special Day is intense. Wonderful, exciting, but intense! If you haven't yet thought much about delaying your Honeymoon until a few weeks or months after your ceremony, it's worth consideration!  By giving yourselves time to focus in on the Wedding Plans... and then focus in later on planning the logistics surrounding travel arrangements for your Honeymoon, you allow yourselves an opportunity to give all your attention to one grand event at a time. This can help you succeed in not overlooking details, reduce the stressors of taking on too much at once, and allow for an even more immersive experience which many couples find that much more fulfilling.

Relax a little more at the wedding reception
- A looming deadline for boarding a plane can be stressful! ...So can packing suitcases and planning for extended travel while making last-minute decisions for your ceremony... Let all that go by simply scheduling your Honeymoon at a later date!

And as wonderful as your Wedding Day will be... and while  it will certainly be energizing and unforgettable, it will also be somewhat exhausting!  Taking a break before the Honeymoon, for many couples, simply makes sense so that they can fully enjoy and savor that event just as much as the ceremony.

Retain your ideal wedding date - Sometimes, couples find that they give up their favorite wedding date in favor of scheduling it to coincide with the time of year they really want to travel to their perfect honeymoon destination. This becomes a non-issue when the Honeymoon plans take place separately from the Wedding Day. -Research optimal weather at your honeymoon destination, budget options, and even plan for traveling during shoulder months when the location/s you'll be visiting won't be so busy.

Boost your Honeymoon Budget - In lieu of tangible gifts, many LGBTQ+ couples request that their family & friends contribute to a honeymoon fund or honeymoon registry. This can include travel vouchers and also gift certificates for experiences (such as spa treatments, romantic dinners or adventure excursions.) However, many guests like to buy gifts last-minute, or offer even more than previously planned if the opportunity arises at the wedding reception. Spontaneous, inspired gift-giving!  Consider an interactive digital station where your wedding guests can, during free time during the reception, contribute to your Honeymoon Fund, donate for special interest experiences or add-on items for your Registry, etc. 

And later, after your fabulous Wedding Day, you and your spouse will also have time to continue building your own honeymoon budget! After the wedding vendors have been paid, and you settle in to life as newlyweds, if you/ve chosen to delay the Honeymoon, you'll have that extra time to set money aside.


Important to Remember - Be sure to set your honeymoon date DURING the wedding planning process and STICK with it! Why? If you wait until after the wedding to set a date, it's easier to find reasons to postpone altogether.

Some travel pros even suggest buying non-refundable travel tickets just so that you are not tempted to back out on the honeymoon plans later... If you reschedule your honeymoon once, you are more likely to do it again and that can lead to an ongoing postponement.


A Honeymoon is important! Whether you travel across the globe or simply across town, taking at least a few days to indulge yourselves in that sweet private time after you're officially married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll never forget. Be sure to make it a priority to pamper each other's dreams for a Honeymoon, in whatever ways you can, and keep in mind what's most important: that the two of you, in your own way, celebrate the milestone of your committed life together as a married couple. Congratulations!



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