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Thursday, 04 November 2021 12:01

Holiday Proposal Ideas 2021!

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With the air of romance that accompanies the holiday season, what better time of year could there be to surprise your sweetie with those life-changing four little words??  We've put together several romantic proposal ideas to help with your plans - CONGRATS!

And remember, any of these ideas can be adapted to best suit your own style... and it's always an option to hire a photographer or videographer to capture the magic moment.  ENJOY!


1.  New Year's Eve Fireworks:  Of course there are few more romantic times of the year than midnight, New Year's Eve.  The symbolism is all there - the transition from past to future, and all the excitement & anticipation that goes along with that fated stroke of the clock.  Building on this romance can be unforgettable!  Choose your own specific details, and make the most of all the possibilities!

  • Surround yourself with a group of friends for the evening, as you go out on the town and celebrate.  At midnight, as the ball drops and the two of you kiss, reveal the engagement ring and pop that question!  Be sure your friends are ready to video the moment!
  • Attend or host a New Year's Party; coordinate with the DJ/emcee to make an announcement and introduce you as you like - s/he can tell a story and prolong the introduction to make it mysterious & playful, or simply bring you up to the microphone so that you can handle the speech on your own.
  • Choose the most romantic dinner spot, and let the night unfold!

2.  Holiday Gift to Remember - this one's for those who aren't big on crowds!  A hidden present, crisply wrapped and tied tight with the perfect bow, tucked beneath  the menorah?  Hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree?  Snugly perched in a bright red stocking?  The sweet anticipation of finding that little telltale gift will light your partner's smile - a beautiful holiday memory that will last for a lifetime!

3.  Winter Wonderland:  There are so many options to make the most of Mother Nature's gifts this season!  Consider a horse-drawn carriage ride with your partner on a snowy evening, an adventure at the ice skating rink, or even a romantic walk around town as light breezes blow (maybe with snowflakes??) that add extra magic to your time together.  Pick that perfect moment to ask those four little words - you can keep it very simple, or add an unexpected element such as hiding the boxed engagement ring in the hands of a snowman you've made, tucked at the most romantic pathway in the woods at the park.  Have fun!  Let the chill in the air bring you & your sweetheart that much closer!

4.  Favorite Movie Moment:  Consider watching your partner's favorite holiday movie together, and proposing during the film's most special scene, or just as the credits roll.  Imagine slipping that ring on your sweetheart's finger just as it's proclaimed, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus..." or when George Bailey tearfully embraces his wife after realizing that in fact his simple life of marriage & family is truly wonderful after all.  Add to the moment by practicing in advance what your memorable dramatic line will be, such as:  "Please make me the happiest man alive by saying yes..."  or "You complete me."  -It's okay to borrow from the great screenwriters!

5.  Shopping Date Surprise:  If you've already bought the engagement ring...  Chat with the manager at the shop where you bought it!  Chances are they'd be happy to help out with a special engagement surprise.  (And if you haven't yet made the purchase, ask the clerk while you're making your final selection)  With their input, you can design a fun and unique way to take your sweetheart's breath away!

  •     An announcement over the store intercom, calling the two of you to the jewelry counter
  •     A pre-wrapped signature box with the fabulous ring within
  •     A small ensemble of store personnel ready to add to the moment with a pre-arranged balloon bouquet, a bottle of champagne, or perhaps confetti
  •     Hidden group of friends in the shopping crowd, ready to join in the moment when you've officially popped the question!

6.  Family Gathering:  Invite your family in on the secret surprise!  This of course can take place over a holiday dinner, during a traditional announcement as the toast is made.  Perhaps family members will want to begin, recounting memorable stories of the two of you, as an introduction to that moment when you ask for your partner's hand. Or, your own family gathering may be different than a formal dinner... Adapt as needed!  And don't be shy to ask special family members or friends for help with ideas, decor, staging, culinary delights or even special wording that might work best.  Several may come forward with wonderful enthusiasm, truly excited to be a part of making your dreams come true!

7.  Candy-coated Plans for the Future:  Does your partner have a sweet tooth?  An easy, yet endearing idea is to select a signature boxed chocolate or cupcake, and top it with the engagement ring.  Boxed up, and tied with a sparkling holiday bow, it's perhaps the most delightful way to win your sweetie's heart this season!  If you're wanting a new twist, consider decorating a gingerbread house of your own (or purchasing one from the local bakery) and hanging the engagement ring on a top spire, or nestling it inside a doorway or window.  Indulge your partner in an unexpected scavenger hunt, midst all those gingerbread crannies and candy lanes, to find the treasure within... and you're on your way to sweet surrender!

8.  Caroling, Caroling, Caroling:  One sure way to make your proposal unique is to hire a small musical ensemble to surprise your sweetie.  During the winter season, you might hire a group of carolers or a brass band... and plan out the evening so that everything works out just perfectly.  -You & your partner enjoy an intimate dinner at home, the doorbell rings just at 7:00, and an amazingly festive group of carolers regales.  Perhaps their last tune is not a Christmas carol at all, but instead "Get Me to the Church on Time."  And there you have it!  Or... imagine you & your partner wandering through town on a wintry evening, sipping hot cider or nibbling at roasted chestnuts.  Magic & romance is in the air...  and you happen upon a brass ensemble.  Lingering there, you listen as they finish up their piece and then suddenly, the bandleader nods to you and says your names:  "This next piece is just for you!"  -And the trumpet and horn sound the call of "Here Comes the Bride" as you reveal the engagement ring.


CONGRATS on your upcoming plans!!  Enjoy the Holiday Spirit, and please email us or message us on Facebook to let us know all the details!

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Monday, 18 June 2012 19:24

Popping the Question with Style

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Who would have thought that finding your soulmate was the easy part?  But now, on the brink of proposing a lifelong commitment, that all seems indeed like a ‘piece of cake.’  …Kneesquaking-mindspinning-heartthumpinggymnastics…  Get Ready for the Four Most Exciting Words of Your Life!

Who does the Asking?

There are no set guidelines, with respect to same-sex unions.  …Would we really want there to be?  Creating your very own tradition is encouraged – it will make for the most perfect Engagement Story.  Romantic or adventurous, collaborative or spontaneous … as unique as is your relationship.

What elements should I include to make the Surprise memorable?

Follow your heart and your intuition – they’ve gotten you this far!  However it’s also important to remember your Basics from Psychology 101:  this proposal is a fulfillment of your dreams, of course, but it’s moreover for your partner.  Keep in mind his or her particular tastes and fondest wishes.

Do some detective work.  Over an ordinary dinner, keep your proposal plans a secret while you quiz your partner on his or her likes and dislikes.  How does she prefer that you show affection:  verbally, with gifts, through a handwritten poem, with a tender massage?...     What really sets the mood for him:  background music, an unexpected weekend getaway, simple quality time together at home?...  Take these things into consideration as you plan the details of how/when/where you will propose.

Communication, Communication, Communication.  If you’ve held a specific vision in your mind about what your engagement would look like… be sure to share that with your partner.  She may think it’s outrageous you’ve been planning since childhood, but let her know you’re serious about it.  At the same time, realize that the relationship is comprised of the two of you: flexibility and allowing for her input will not only make the proposal wonderful in unexpected ways, it will make your subsequent wedding plans that much more wonderful and peaceful too.

Should there be a Ring?  Who should pick it out?

Most couples report that including the presentation of a ring during the proposal absolutely makes the moment.  There is, quite simply, a degree of seriousness expressed in this symbolic exchange.  The gift of the ring highlights the formality of your proposal; at the same time it draws on the emotionality of one centuries-old tradition that does in fact translate well for GLBTQ relationships.

The issue about picking out the ring/s will vary, couple to couple.  For some, picking them out together is the perfect solution to insure that both partners’ styles and preferences are represented.  This often works well if the rings are selected but bought separately later, or the exact timing of the proposal is left undecided.  Sometimes a couple will go so far as to stipulate that the proposal must wait a few months after the purchase, so that there is plenty of time to insure an ideal set of circumstances to Pop the Question.

On the other hand, many couples find that it’s easy to pick out a ring for their partner, and that the surprise in fact adds to the excitement on the day of the proposal.  Remember, having fun is part of the process too!

What are some Ideas?

Take time to think about the ‘Wow-Factor.’  And keep in mind that no matter what you decide, there are always a variety of ways to splurge, to budget or to involve others so that the day of your proposal can be everything you wish for it to be.

Here is just a short list to get you started:

    Rose petals – A romantic added touch,
no matter where your proposal takes place

    Water – Let the magic of a waterfall, lake, stream
or even a fountain complete the ambience

    Chocolate – Don’t forget just how sexy dessert can be!
        Some couples hide the engagement ring in a box
        of chocolates, or top off a slice of decadent cake
        with the dazzling diamond… be creative!

    Personalize – A homemade card, a handwritten promise
        or a crafted gift box can sweetly accent your sentiment

    Wine –A simple toast can be just the way to his heart

    Audience– While many couples prefer a private moment,
        for some the inclusion of a circle of friends or witnesses
        creates a greater sense of exhilaration

    Rituals– Including a sacred tradition during or just after your
        proposal is a beautiful way to heighten intimacy and
        formalize the moment

After the ‘Yes!’…

It’s a rush, to propose or be proposed to!  Your partner will be that much more delighted if you are prepared to quickly register for gifts, or begin chatting about Wedding Plans.  Take time in advance to choose a few registry options, or consider buying a wedding planner guide simply to indulge your new fiancée.

Enjoy the anticipation!

Your Engagement Story will last a lifetime – make it one that will bring a sweet smile to both you and your partner for endless years to come.  Congrats!