Weddings Trending Toward Green, the Color!

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Suzy Clement Photographs (| Suzy Clement Photographs (| "This place setting is an example of how Mango Muse Events owner Jamie Chang incorporated the 2013 trendy color green into a tablescape."|

"This place setting above is an example of how Mango Muse Events owner Jamie Chang incorporated the 2013 trendy color green into a tablescape."

Over the past few years there have been thousands of "green" weddings, in that they are designed to respect and protect the environment. However, this year there is another "green" type of wedding too, those incorporating the color green, Emerald Green, to be exact, the Panatone "Color of the Year." The Pantone company, for nearly fifty years the world's foremost color authority, develops innovative color solutions using a variety of color standards and supports design professionals through a number of services.

Jamie Chang, Lead Event Designer and Owner of the San Francisco area's Mango Muse Events says, "The Pantone color of the year is Emerald Green, which I'm sure we'll see popping up all over the place. There are many trends happening right now in wedding design, but I think there are a few that will be big in 2013. The first is color. ."

But Jamie, who designs weddings world-wide, particularly Northern California and Hawaii, says she doubts that many couples actually choose a color scheme based on the fact that it is an "official" Color Of The Year. "However," she says, "I do think that color (of the year) does become a part of our subconscious because you see it in many places. In addition, the Pantone color can be a good indicator for the style or feeling that is currently happening in fashion or design which in turn influences weddings. These things together, I think, influence both what couples see and like, especially the trendier couples."

To explain further, Jamie says that she saw this phenomenon in 2012 as well. "Last year's (Panatone) color was a tangerine orange. While, I didn't have any couples specifically choose tangerine, couples did choose brighter colors, and I had a few weddings where they either wanted a bright yellow or bright yellow orange."

There is also a trend in color as it relates to emotions and feelings. "I do think there is connection," Jamie says, "If a couple is more calm and quiet, they may tend to like soothing colors like blues, soft grays and ivory. A younger, outgoing couple may use bolder colors with more contrast." She says that to her, green always symbolizes nature, growth and life. "So the emotions behind green for a wedding are the excitement of starting a new life together. Emerald Green in particular, also has a sexiness to it, so I think it also subtly symbolizes creating a family as well." She believes that color may also relate to the economy. "I do think the economy is in a better shape, which may be subtly influencing design and color."

Jamie's perceptions are in line with those expressed on the Panatone website, which states that Emerald Green "enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony." It further states that the color has always represented beauty and new life, renewed growth, and property. The website adds that no color conveys regeneration more than green.

Jamie sees trends in the colors couples are mixing with their chose of green also. "Metallics work well with Emerald Green,. like silver, gold, or pewter. Emerald Green is a deep color with a richness to it, so the metallics work nicely to accent that richness." She adds that black also complements the Emerald. "It brings with it a bit of mystery and fantasy. Depending on the exact shade of Emerald, you could also bring in a pop of red or purple as well."

Jamie explains that this richness and luxury we're currently seeing is also a trend in style. "We're moving away from the rustic style to one that is a little more modern, classic and sophisticated. It means that the style of the decor and the mood of the wedding will take on cleaner lines and a crispness."

The color green, in general is associated with a certain crispness, as a Google search of "color and symbolism" reveals. Various sites attest that green symbolizes health, new beginnings, growth, security, and possibility.

"We are ready to indulge a little more than we have been over the last few years," she says. She adds that we have missed being able to be extravagant. "Colors do bend to that desire to have a little more luxury in our lives."

The Panatone website sums this all up by saying that the Emerald, a brilliant, precious gemstone, has been a source of fascination throughout history. It is most often associated what is sophisticated and luxurious. It lends itself well to all facets of design, including the design of your wedding.


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