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Getting married? Want to impress your guests with a well choreographed routine for your first dance? Let us help!

From dance lessons before the event to providing the music and sound at the reception, John Cassese has the experience and the reputation to ensure your wedding entertainment is a success. Contact him today to learn more about the available services, including:

  • Dance Lessons
  • Live Music
  • DJ
  • Dance Exhibitions

Some Tips Before You Tap

Don’t wait until the last minute! We recommend starting four to six months before your wedding to allow adequate time to practice.

Consider the type of dance you’d like to perform. In addition to traditional dances like the waltz, we can create custom choreography for the mambo, salsa, swing, cha cha, hustle and samba to name a few.

Be prepared to work! Dance is a great form of exercise, so expect it to feel like a workout.

Don’t stress out. You may think dance lessons sound stressful, but dance is actually an unbelievable stress-reliever!

Be prepared for quality time with your fiancé. Dance lessons require you to work alongside your partner, motivating one another and enjoying the process of learning something together.

Consider your first dance song and bring a recording of it to your dance lessons. If you haven’t selected a song, we will gladly help you determine what song will be a perfect fit.

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Los Angeles 90272, California

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