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Finding the Right Wedding Theme for Your LBGTQ Wedding

Madcap Cottage | Theo Milo Photography | Curtis Kennedy Films | Out of the Garden | Ohh! Events


It’s time to throw tradition out the window and celebrate with style.

Here are some wedding theme ideas that move away from traditional, gender-norm ideas and incorporate elements that show off the love between you and your significant other.

You Know You Want to Look Fabulous

Whether there are two grooms, two brides, or you’re so fabulous you’ve thrown traditional gender-normative wedding terms right out the window, your wedding is a day you want to look your best while expressing love in your own personal ways.
Go with what feels right. There are really no rules when it comes to your wedding -- just traditions -- of which you are free to follow as much or as little as you’d like.
Are you two brides about to tie the knot? One or both could don a traditional wedding gown. Or consider something more alternative, such as color coordinated outfits exploding with personality. Check out some ideas from Dangerous Mathematicians.
For dashing gentlemen about to make their way down the aisle, make way for options. A more traditional approach involves a suit or tuxedo. Color coordinated suits add elegance to your wedding, but allow each groom to add their own personal flare to what they wear on the special day. Matching suits with differing ties and/or pocket squares create a subtle, yet eye-popping look.
Having a beach wedding, or casual event?  Why not ditch the formal wear altogether? Shorts or khakis with button down shirts and lively ties or vests can be worn as a play on traditional wedding attire. Untucked continues to be a fave!

Pride-Full, Yet Elegant
Your LBGTQ wedding reception could fly towards traditional, perhaps even rustic -- or step through to a modern, colorful theme.

Living coral is a “bright and joyful” color combination, according to an article by BBJ Linen. Living coral creates a bold, life-affirming statement for your LGBTQ wedding. It’s a color in full bloom during the spring and summer, that pairs well with other exuberant shades like teal.


Bonus Tips for Your LBGTQ Wedding

Make your wedding uniquely yours!

Guest books can make for a great keepsake to remember your LBGTQ wedding day long down the road, but why not do it your way? Flutterbye prints has some creative ideas: One is to use your own and your partner’s fingerprints on a large print for a guestbook alternative.

Add a statement of pride to the wedding with a rainbow cake, spectral floral arrangements, rainbow wedding favors or even sport some rainbow inspired clothing or accent wear such as multi colored boutonnieres, cummerbunds, footwear or earrings.

Even the smallest details can make a big statement. The right type of wedding cake topper can go a long way in showing the world love in all its forms. Whether you are two brides to be, two grooms or two people so in love that you want a cake topper to surpass gender norms, there’s more options out there than you might think.

‘Peace’ Out

Whether it’s sticking to traditions or making your own, LBGTQ weddings are still in their early years -- allowing for so much creativity and positive vibes. Consider making a bold statement for your LBGTQ wedding or adding your own elements in subtler ways. No matter what you choose to do, it’s a day to celebrate the love that brings two people together. Make the day uniquely yours!


Image courtesy: Madcap Cottage | Theo Milo Photography | Curtis Kennedy Films | Out of the Garden | Ohh! Events



"Spam Blockers are No Joke!"

"Spam Blockers are No Joke!"  -One of the exhibitors for our Atlanta LGBTQ Wedding Expo made this comment last week, with regard to having trouble receiving email communication from us, the event producer... and it struck me:  the same is true for couples!  And so I thought I would take time to mention this very simple issue:  nowadays of course it's commonplace to reach out to a wedding vendor via text or email, instead of making a phone call.  Easy, convenient...  Right?!

Well yes, unless your email never reaches them... or, their reply email never reaches you...  Spam blockers are indeed getting stronger every day.  But they're not necessarily getting smarter.  And they don't always block what we want them to.

Many people think the Junk Folder in their email software (such as "Outlook") is where those blocked messages get trapped.  Not usually so!  These days you have to take the extra step to log in to your email browser's back-end, and check the spam folder there.  And occasionally, incoming emails are blocked even before this point... and the average user has no way of ever finding them.

The solution??  If you feel like there has been a lapse in communication, get old-fashioned and pick up the phone!  Don't assume that the wedding vendor you were hoping to hear back from has acted unprofessionallly or simply forgotten to respond to you.  99% of the time that is not the case at all - the culprit most of the time is the issue of the emails getting blocked somewhere along the way.

Additiionally, if you have relied on a digital format for your save-the-dates or invitations, don't always trust that the message has gotten through unimpeded.  If you use an app or professional wedding software, those are usually reliable.  However, at times those too can get blocked.  So keep this in mind when researching which digital applications are going to work best for your wedding planning needs.

And again, when in doubt, just pick up the phone!  It's still the best way to ensure a deliberate, personalized and successful connection!



To My Valentine... Inspiration for the Sweet Holiday

by Marianne Puechl, co-founder /


Some of the best gay & lesbian relationships are built on elemental cornerstones; eternal ideals that can be simplified down to the very basic.  Keeping them in mind for the upcoming holiday of romance, as well as year-round, will serve to maintain a partnership that is dynamic, tender and fulfilling.

“I will pour more into my love than I expect to get out of it...”
  Finding tender ways to enhance day-to-day interactions with your partner will multiply and ultimately reflect back to you, almost magically.  Begin making it a habit to ask yourself every morning what you can do that day to make life a little sweeter for your special someone.

“I will remember to let go...”
  Remember, in grade school, when you and your friends would argue there would be just an hour or perhaps a day gone by and the anger was completely forgotten?  Allow yourself to recapture that childhood talent.  Let any grudges or frustrations you have concerning your relationship or your partner’s eccentricities simply slip away.   -The release will truly make you healthier.  How to do it??  Keep in my mind that, at the heart of it all, you love and trust and respect your partner:  that's at the foundation.

“My partner has a different style than I do…”
  Every individual is wired with different ways to tap into strong emotions.  Find out what most captures your lover’s attention:   Does he need to hear, verbally, that you’re committed for life?  Does she need to be showered with little gifts every so often?  Does he need physical closeness when you express your love?  Does she need you to share time discussing her goals or plans, so that she is reassured of your devotion and genuine interest?  Also be sure that you communicate your own needs when it comes to displaying intimacy:  your relationship deserves your honesty and clarity!

“My partnership is dynamic…”
  Try not to regret the fact that those first sparks of newly-found love are no longer at the heart of your relationship.  Over time, the bond you create will mature and deepen – it’s only natural.  But that doesn’t mean your love is any less passionate!  In fact, the wonders of a long-term commitment are highlighted with facets such as Understanding, Shared Vision, Interconnection and oftentimes Heartfelt Awe as you witness one another grow through the years.

“Every day is a new beginning…”  An optimistic outlook always does wonders!  Remember that any given moment is a chance for a fresh start, on both a small and large scale.  As human beings, we have the potential to enact personal change within an instant; keeping this in mind as much as possible will serve to lighten your relationship.  That, in turn, will accent the romance and the joy you share together!

“Remember Valentine’s…”  The idea of a love note may seem silly, especially after you’ve been married for several years.  But sometimes it is those simple little displays of affection that really touch our hearts most of all.  Allow the familiar traditions to inspire you:  a box of chocolates, rose petals in the bedroom, a recited poem over dinner, a love song and secret dance in the darkness…  Sometimes these small gestures are truly the most meaningful of all.

It will never change:  creating a fulfilling and lasting relationship is solely your own responsibility.  It is also one of your great joys… and in the eyes of friends and family it may be one of your great gifts to the world.  Love inspires.  Passion transforms.  Allow your partnership to thrive, wholeheartedly.  Nourish the connection you share with your partner and it, in turn, will utterly nourish you.



Sharing Their Story To Help Other Couples' Planning Go Smoother

It's hard to believe, but situations like this do happen even now, in 2019...  THANK YOU, Aaron and Jeff, for sharing your experience to help let other couples (and business professionals... and voters) stay aware that discrimination is still taking place.  By staying informed, we can continue to take action!

We wish the two of you a much happier planning experience from here forward!  BEST WISHES for a wonderful life together!