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Reportedly (and midst a flurry of disagreements) France is considering a ban on the words 'mother' and 'father' from various official documents.  Why?  To more fully embrace gay & lesbian households!  -Of course this might also translate to single-parent households as well, which would also be forward-thinking given current statistics.

In my opinion, writing 'parent' instead - a term that obviously leaves out any connotations of gender or gender identity, is an excellent way to build on the momentum toward broader equality for all people.

My compliments to mes amies en le Republique francaise!


If the Federal Supreme Court takes up Proposition 8, where will that lead us?  Where will it take the definition of marriage?

Certainly, the Court will rule in favor of civil rights, which means that gay and lesbian couples will win the right to marry throughout the USA.  A wonderful victory, indeed!

And, it is likely that the Court will also include language that will allow religious institutions to decide for themselves whether or not they will recognize same-gender commitments.

This makes sense.

And, in my mind, this makes the victory even sweeter!  -In effect ,this will be a new Federal mandate outlining the separation of church & state.

This would not be new.  Right now, "marriage" by definition is a legal relationship as outlined by civil laws.  There are no legally binding religious connotations.  Yet a ruling by the Federal Supreme Court would cement this even more solidly within the minds of the general public.

And thus, perhaps "Civil Unions" would actually become the law of the land, rather than 'marriage'...  both for LGBT couples as well as for heterosexual couples. 

Hmm.  Something interesting to consider.