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Excerpt, "My Dangerous Commute"

Three years ago, my partner & I released a book called "My Dangerous Commute: Witnessing Gay Marriage Rights Across America."  We are soon going to re-release it; I am very proud of many of the insightful tidbits throughout.  Something about this particular short chapter seems an appropriate reminder these days, so I wanted to share...


My Dangerous CommuteChapter 22: "Layers of Shame"

My favorite camera cost about $20 through mail order. It’s made entirely of plastic. It has to be taped together to keep from falling apart in my hand. But it takes fantastic photographs. As my professor used to say, ‘A camera is just a sealed box that controls the flow of light.’ Any tool, through which we view the world, is like that. Whether it is the concept of current politics or the framework of our spiritual beliefs, or societal standards… the lenses through which we consider our surroundings are just that: lenses; filters. Whether we realize it or not.

Many within the LGBT community see the world in such a way. They’ve come to believe it’s not quite okay to hold hands in public, or that deep-down we are in fact sinners, or that we ought to remain somewhat invisible to spare the mainstream. To some degree, we’ve successfully internalized the prejudice. Note to those opposed to the gay lifestyle: Mission Accomplished.

Minorities do this to themselves, as do others who have felt less-than, or victimized or disempowered. It’s natural. And it can be silently unrecognized for lifetimes, like a thin haze in front of the eyes, virtually unseen. It can skew the way we interpret our own experience; our own reality. It can be passed down, through generations. And the result can be utterly detrimental, obviously, concerning the ability to envision a clear and justifiable reason for the desire for equality, fairness and non-discrimination. It can hinder an entire group’s collective ability to believe in itself.

Legalizing same-sex marriage presents the opportunity to heal at such a remarkable level, well below the surface. Individually and culturally. There are indeed broad implications.


Comment from Jeremy Irons

Oscar Winner Jeremy Irons poses the question, with regard to gay marriage, "Could not a father marry his son?"

This kind of thought process continues to be a form of criminalizing the LGBT minority.  It really will be refreshing when the issue of LGBT equality is not overshadowed by comments of incest, pedophilia & bestiality. True equality will come to pass when such connotations do not cross anyone's mind.



Insightful Article as we approach the Supreme Court ruling...

Article by Liz Goodwin / Yahoo's The Ticket

As the Supreme Court’s unpredictable swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy often finds himself the subject of scrutiny before big, controversial Supreme Court cases. But next week, when he hears arguments in two cases with the potential to transform the way gays and lesbians are treated in the country, Kennedy watchers have two landmark opinions written by the justice to mine for clues as to how he will rule.

Starting Tuesday, judges will hear oral arguments over whether California’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8, violates the constitutional rights of gay people in the state; and over whether the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which states that only marriages between people of the opposite sex are federally valid, is legal.

The former, called Perry v. Hollingsworth, could be especially significant as the justices, in theory, could either declare all state gay marriage bans unconstitutional—or say that gay couples have no constitutional claim to marriage at all.

Kennedy, a 76-year-old Sacramento native and Ronald Reagan appointee, most often votes with his four conservative colleagues. But the devout Catholic has broken with that pattern to side with the more liberal wing of the court in some key cases, such as when he affirmed Roe v. Wade’s holding that women have a right to abortions in 1992, and when he ruled in 2005 that states may not sentence criminals to death if they committed their crimes as juveniles.




Parents Advocate for Transgender Child

This story is so very heartfelt and touching!  It is wonderful that more and more parents (and medical professionals) are recognizing gender identity as a very real phenomenon.  Hopefully soon the language will evolve from calling it 'gender identification disorder' instead to something less like a disease or illness.  In my humble opinion, gender is a spectrum... and there is no wrong place to be on that spectrum.  -There is only the right place, for each individual and their own body and their own sense of self-expression, and of course their own happiness.

Read this touching article, watch the video... It's worth the few minutes!



Media Coverage

Lately we've had a good deal of press coverage for our ongoing tour of LGBT Wedding Expos!  Deservedly so, many might say :)  We are similar to a Rock n Roll Tour as we make our way from city to city:  Las Vegas, Tacoma, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago - Outrageous fun, gay flair and changing the world!

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