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What to Expect at our LGBT Wedding Expos...

Oftentimes, couples (and sometimes first-time exhibitors) reach out to ask what they can expect at one of our LGBT Wedding Expos.  This story by Voice of America does offer a nice overview of our recent event in Baltimore.  As you'll see, you'll get an idea of what vendors are bringing in, how the other couples are making use of the resources available, and the general atmosphere we create at the events.  Check out our full expo calendar for upcoming dates near you!


Touching Engagement Proposal!

Spend a few minutes with Jeff & Jeremiah - this surprise marriage proposal will definitely warm your heart this Holiday Season!  ENJOY, and BEST WISHES to the HAPPY COUPLE!!





KUMU HINA: the true meaning of aloha



New Documentary!  Hawaiian Values Differ From Western Traditions...



 Words From the Directors...

Just two years ago, we began the making of KUMU HINA, a film about Hina Wong-Kalu, an extraordinary Native Hawaiian teacher, or kumu, and cultural leader who happens to be mahu, the Hawaiian term for those who embrace both masculine and feminine traits.

The experience was magical, capturing the ups and downs of Hinaʻs first-year of marriage to an unpredictable Tongan man and her inspiring mentorship of a young girl whose dream was to lead their schoolʻs all-male hula troupe.

The result is a provocative and inspiring glimpse of a Hawai'i rarely seen by outsiders, and a land in which there is unconditional acceptance and respect for all -- what Kumu Hina calls "the true meaning of aloha."

As the filmʻs 2014 world premiere approaches (to be announced soon), weʻre also getting ready to launch a dynamic engagement campaign to share Kumu Hinaʻs message with the world!

A hint of just how powerful this experience will be occurred over the past few weeks amidst Hawai'i's contentious debate over marriage equality.

As opponents and supporters fought tooth and nail, Kumu Hina published an Op-Ed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that profoundly changed the discourse.  Rather than make arguments from a Western mindset, she offered an historical perspective on gender and sexuality in Hawai'i that opened the door to what State Senator Gil Kahele called in an extraordinary speech on the Senate floor, "a full and honest renaissance of pre-Christian Hawai'iʻs history."

As the legislative battle continued, Kumu Hina became a prominent symbol of hope, and helped position Hawaiian culture as the guiding force for progress and unity in the islands.  Upon passage of the Marriage Equality Act, Gov. Neil Abercrombie invited her to deliver the opening chant at the Signing Ceremony, where there was not a dry eye in the house.

A few highlights from these events are included here, a sign of whatʻs to come with the KUMU HINA film and campaign in the year ahead.  We hope youʻll join us on the journey.

With aloha,

Joe Wilson & Dean Hamer, KUMU HINA Producers/Directors

Qwaves Films |  P.O. Box 688 |  Haleiwa, HI  96712
t: 808-629-9864  e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Locket - a novel


Locket-Front-FinalsmBeing the co-founder of, I have had the opportunity to write in many different styles and capacities.  From administrative documents, to articles for RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine, even the non-fiction book "My Dangerous Commute" which outlines our experiences this past 13 years in the LGBT Wedding Industry.

However, writing fiction is my forte, and my passion.  So I have to share that I've recently self-published one of my novels, entitled "The Locket."  I invite you to check out my website for further info, and to consider downloading the book or purchasing a print copy.

One of the reasons I mention it, is because the main character, Abbey Taft, happens to be bisexual.  How many works of literature can we think of in which this is the case?

Over the years, I have found it obvious that there are many important paths to a higher degree of legitimization for our minority in modern American culture. These include depictions of LGBT characters on television shows, endorsement of LGBT issues by popular celebrities and political figures, musicians and sports figures coming out as gay or lesbian... etc.  And of course it includes serious works of literature that also depict LGBT characters.

So again, please check out my website for further info.  I think you'll enjoy the book!






Coming Out Stories

I remember being made fun of as a young teen, because of how masculine I was.  Many people couldn't even figure out if I was a boy or a girl, and that really threw them for a loop; often to heated anger.  A strange thing.  There were many reasons I seemed so boyish, and some of them had to do with the fact that later I realized I'm bisexual... but mostly the fact was that the way I presented myself was right for me.  It was who I was; it was how I wanted to wear my hair/my clothes and how I wanted to behave.  I didn't understand why people had to categorize themselves as male or female, masculine or feminine.  I honestly thought that it was best for us just to express ourselves honestly, as long as that didn't interfere with anyone else's self-expression.

Well, I'm reminded of this in part because of the recent press release I received.  Thought I would share.  I believe you can visit the website and get involved with the project, if you'd like.  All the best to everyone, with your own coming out journeys, and your own ongoing quest for authentic self-expression.



 PRESS RELEASE:  The Worst Thing About Coming Out

Rob Barracano is a professor of digital filmmaking at Champlain College and has written horror films for Hollywood and also done TV work.

One of his projects with Champlain film students is a web site/turned documentary called “The Worst Thing About Coming Out,” stories of gay, lesbian and trans individuals of all ages about their decision to come out and how they felt about it  On Friday, Oct. 11, which is National Coming Out Day, a documentary Rob and students made about the project will premiere at the Vermont International Film Festival. I have students who were involved who could be interviewed. Below is more info:

On Friday, 11 October, National Coming Out Day, there will be a panel discussion on identity:

SELF IDENTITY + "HOME:" Our Selves in Community.
"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."  William Shakespeare and the official premier of the documentary, "The Worst Thing About Coming Out."  Both events are part of the Vermont International Film Festival and on the festival's opening day.  They are free.

Screening 2:30 pm

Panel Discussion 3:30 pm

at Film House

Third Floor of the Lake and College Building, at Sixty Lake Street, in Burlington, Vermont

Dr. Ame Lambert and Eric Ronis of Champlain College, and Dr. Kim Fountain of RU12, will sit on the panel along with guests from the documentary and other community representatives.





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