Pro-active Wedding Pros Supporting LGBT Equality!

courtesy Marian HaleImage courtesy Marian HaleGiven the nervousness LGBTQ couples are feeling in response to the outcome of the Presidential election here in the USA, many of the wedding professionals who are members of Rainbow Wedding Network are finding pro-active ways to offer support.

One of our longtime allies, Rev. Marian Hale with All Ceremonies Beautifully Done! has come forward with the following announcement:

"During 2017, I have several same sex weddings booked -- and I have made this offer to all of them as I will to any couple who wishes me to officiate their upcoming wedding...

To get your license paperwork taken care of, I will marry an LGBTQ couple any time NOW -- at a Starbucks, or in your home, or in my home. Then we will celebrate together with your big ceremony next year for family and friends. No fee for this, it's just part of your wedding!  Let's not take a chance on whatever actions Pence and his like might be planning! Just do it!!!

Blessings to all."
Rev. Marian is based in the Chicago area, and she invites any couple who is seeking an officiant to reach out to her with questions.  She has actively supported the LGBTQ community for decades!
Rev. Marian, All Ceremonies Beautifully Done    phone 847-491-0603
Other wedding professionals and LGBTQ advocates are finding similar ways to support the community.  It is heartening, and I invite us all to extend thanks whenever possible:  Throughout the next few years, it will become that much more important for those of us who are like-minded, with regard to true equality, to uplift and inspire one another!