Star-Crossed Casting Call!

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Are you an engaged or soon to be engaged couple whose family disapproves of your relationship? 

Have family members made it clear that they will not attend your upcoming wedding? 

Have you found the love of your life, and desperately want the support of your entire family?

Introducing a new docu-series that follows star-crossed lovers who have family that disapproves of their relationship because of sexual orientation, race, religion, class, or culture.

Many families still struggle with finding family balance and acceptance. We’d like to take this journey with you on your way to the aisle in a groundbreaking new doc-series in hopes to give open-mindedness and empathy a platform. Our dream is to bring the couples together with their loved ones and initiate a dialogue of openness. 

For couples who are willing to share their story for this program, there is generous compensation in return for allowing us to join on your journey. We want to have the couple be able to start their married life off with the support of their family, as well a nest egg to start their new life together.

To be considered for the show, please submit a brief bio, contact info, and recent photos of yourself and your significant other to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may apply directly through our online form at: with attn: Shannon.