Marriage Rights in 30 States?!

How Exciting!!

15 years ago, when my partner Cindy and I began, we pounded the pavement to spread the word about our new LGBT Wedding Resource.  Few then (including ourselves) truly believed we would witness such a turnaround on the issue of equal marriage rights in such a short time.  Within just a decade and a half, we are set to see equal marriage in at least 30 states and the District of Columbia.  Amazing!

At times, we have thanked the conservative right for their part in this strong leap forward...  Would the issue have garnered so much national attention, without the conservatives making it such a hot-button topic at election times?  It's a valid question, indeed.

Regardless, we are elated at the progress and ongong momentum!  Thanks to all who've taken an active role in ensuring equal rights for the LGBTQ minority in America!  And CONGRATS to all the happy couples who have married!