The LBGTTIQQ2SA Community... ?

Does it really serve us as a minority, to include this many letters in naming our minority?  At some point, it outdoes the intention of being inclusive and instead only serves to confuse whatever issue it is we're trying to focus on.

How can people outside our community actually consider the implications of marriage equality, when they are spending time trying to decipher what 'LBGTTIQQ2SA' actually stands for?  Can they take our point of view seriously, when stumbling over what we call ourselves is really what most draws their attention?

Since we began RainbowWeddingNetwork 14 years ago, we have noticed how a lack of cohesiveness within our minority has dampened our efforts toward equality.  Perhaps this lack of cohesiveness is still being reflected in that long litany of letters...

Yes, naming ourselves is very important indeed.  But it can't be done at the expense of clarity & meaning.