The Locket - a novel


Locket-Front-FinalsmBeing the co-founder of, I have had the opportunity to write in many different styles and capacities.  From administrative documents, to articles for RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine, even the non-fiction book "My Dangerous Commute" which outlines our experiences this past 13 years in the LGBT Wedding Industry.

However, writing fiction is my forte, and my passion.  So I have to share that I've recently self-published one of my novels, entitled "The Locket."  I invite you to check out my website for further info, and to consider downloading the book or purchasing a print copy.

One of the reasons I mention it, is because the main character, Abbey Taft, happens to be bisexual.  How many works of literature can we think of in which this is the case?

Over the years, I have found it obvious that there are many important paths to a higher degree of legitimization for our minority in modern American culture. These include depictions of LGBT characters on television shows, endorsement of LGBT issues by popular celebrities and political figures, musicians and sports figures coming out as gay or lesbian... etc.  And of course it includes serious works of literature that also depict LGBT characters.

So again, please check out my website for further info.  I think you'll enjoy the book!