Guest Blog: "Same-sex Marriage" by Rev. Jan Carter

Heartfelt post by longtime RainbowWeddingNetwork supporter, and enthused LGBT advocate, Rev. Jan Carter!  Thanks Rev. Jan, for all you do in the Greater Seattle area on behalf of LGBT couples!

revjanJuly, 2013

Much has been written lately about same-sex marriage as more and more states are making it legal and the Supreme Court has struck down part of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman).

I have been honored to officiate at several same-sex weddings since they became legal in Washington State in December 2012. A wedding is such a wonderful occasion, filled with hopes, dreams, and excitement. Same-sex weddings are particularly precious since they have been made possible by the recent passage of marriage equality for all couples in the State of Washington.

I find a special joy in officiating at same-sex weddings. It took only one such wedding for me to experience and understand the intense joy and appreciation that same-sex couples have when marrying.

These are couples who, for many years, never thought they would see the day they could be open about who they are and be able to declare and show their love for one another. These are couples who have had to face discrimination just because they love differently. These are couples who, as they dated and fell in love, never thought they would see the day that they could marry their beloved. It is a moving and humbling experience to be able to make those dreams become a reality.

Before same-sex marriage was legalized in Washington, same-sex couples could register as domestic partners. But this does not convey the same meaning – the same depth of feelings and commitment - that being able to call someone your husband or wife conveys. Marriage takes away the ambiguity of the relationship because everyone understands what calling someone your husband or wife means. Many same-sex couples have found that after getting married, people have treated them with more respect and that they find marriage provides a huge relief. Marriage has given them more security and has taken away a lot of previous worries.

"On your wedding day, your dreams are finally coming true.
We are here today to celebrate the great love
that you have for each other,
and to recognize and witness the ability for you
to finally be able to journey forward in your lives together
as marriage partners.
As your hearts and lives are already united together in love,
so shall you finally be legally united in marriage
from this day forward."

Same-sex couples can finally and fully experience the words from the Benediction of the Apaches, "Now you are two bodies, but there is only one life before you."


By Rev. Jan Carter
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