Behind the Candleabra

I did not see any of the back-stories for the film, so I won't comment much...  But I do think it's a great & promising barometer with regard to LGBT Equality that a long line of highly reputed actors seemed to be eager to take roles in this recent HBO production.  Of course, there were the fabulous headliners, Michael Douglas & Matt Damon, but did you also note Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe, Paul Reiser, Scott Bakula??

The experience of LGBT Americans, past & present, is becoming a subject that is more openly talked about, more sincerely recognized.  One day, this will lead to greater acceptance and, as a minority that finds itself less oppressed, the 'LGBT lifestyle' will likely evolve at least a little bit.  Some may question that kind of transformation; in my opinion it is a part of the natural progression.