Gay & Lesbian Greeting Cards came to national attention a few months ago as a site offering gays and lesbians a place to find that rare product: a romantic, tender card to express deep feelings for a partner. The interest in these cards is booming, and founder Dan McLellan believes that stores across the country will soon be stocking them.

The cards showcased on are rare in the marketplace. The full line of 24 cards is targeted not only to gays and lesbians in love with their partners, but also to family members who want to send their gay and lesbian loved ones appropriate wedding, anniversary, and birthday cards. Loving sentiment is captured in stunning black and white photography and all cards are printed on high quality paper. Online cards can be customized to suit the buyer's needs.

McLellan says, "Right now our cards are being carried in Giovanni's Room in Philadelphia, Blue Stocking in New York, and Boulder Bookstore. I'm hoping to interest a national chain so that gays and lesbians and their families across the country will have easy access to tasteful cards. I want people to be able to pick up a card for a gay or lesbian loved one's birthday, or wedding, or any other occasion, without any hassle."
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