Longtime Supporter of the LGBT Community

I had the pleasure of speaking on the phone today to one of our long-time members of  Pastor April Gismondi of the Church of Ancient Ways.  She initially joined our resources at RainbowWeddingNetwork back in 2003, and had already been officiating for gay & lesbian couples for many years prior to that.  She is so enthused about supporting our community!

4605April is not only passionate about equal rights, she is also very knowledgeable about the logistics of putting together your ideal ceremony.  If you've chosen her as your officiant, you & your guests will enjoy a spiritually meaningful and authentic celebration... and you'll also have the opportunity of benefitting from her insights about those important details such as which partner will stand on the left or right... and why it's a good choice.  She'll add lightness and joy to your day as well, and and the kind of genuine support that comes from many years of experience.

As April says, she was serving gay & lesbian couples long before legal recognition - she realizes just how important the ceremony truly is for each and every couple who has waited so long for this special and historic moment.

If you are marrying in Long Island NY... be sure to consider reaching out to Pastor Gismondi!  She definitely has a strong endorsement from RWN!

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