Divorce Statistics among Gay & Lesbian Couples

The divorce rate for hetero- couples still hovers around 50%.  Do you think this will apply to LGBT couples as more states legalize marriage rights & the statistics become available?

jcummingshshotWe had a fabulous volunteer at the recent Seattle LGBT Wedding Expo, who also happens to be a marriage coach in the area - our thanks to Joanna Cummings, M. Ed.!

For those that didn't get a chance to meet her, Joanna is an enthusiastic supporter of helping couples, to ensure that their marriages last.  As a counselor, she knows too well that 50% of hetero- marriages end in divorce; she doesn't want this to happen in our community, esp since we've fought so hard for marriage equality!

I invite couples in the Seattle area, and beyond to contact Joanna to learn more about her "PreMarital Specs" packages, to help you & your partner learn effective  skills to make your commitment long-lasting.

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